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The way in which we pay for things online has been revolutionised in recent years. Many of us have busy lives and love the convenience that the internet offers.

To keep up with the innovations in technology –and the security risks they pose- new and improved payment methods have emerged. Arguably, the most popular of these is PayPal.

Although PayPal may be relatively new to the online gaming industry, it has long been a prime service for retail customers.

Given the level of ease and security it offers, it’s no wonder online bingo sites are now getting involved!

To find out what all the fuss is about, take a trip to one of these top bingo sites that accept PayPal. You’ll never look back.

As with all online bingo sites, these promotions come with a list of terms and conditions. Always remember to check out T’s and C’s on the relevant website.

What is PayPal and how do you use it?

PayPal is an online payment service that allows users to pay or get paid in 203 different countries around the world. It accounts for a large number of international transactions and offers users a greater level of security.

Those with a PayPal account can pay in 26 different currencies. To begin using PayPal, you’ll have to head to the PayPal website and open an account.

Once your account has been opened, simply add a valid payment method and you’re good to go. All that’s left to do is find one of the many UK bingo sites that take PayPal.

How does it compare with other e-wallet/ voucher systems?

You’ll find that many PayPal bingo sites also accept other alternative payment methods such as Neteller and Paysafecard. These methods differ slightly from PayPal. Each has their strengths and weaknesses.

Neteller is an e-wallet like PayPal. However, one of the advantages of Neteller is its ability to offer a prepaid card. This prepaid Mastercard then allows you to make transactions wherever you see a Mastercard sign.

As it’s funded with your own cash, there is no credit check. It can function as a budgetary method for gamers; only load what you wish to deposit and you’ll never spiral into debt. In addition to this, Neteller allows a user to pay in 22 currencies from more than 200 countries.

Paysafecard, owned by the same company that operates Neteller, is a voucher based system. Simply look for a vendor and you can purchase the vouchers.

As many vendors are physical premises that accept cash payments, these vouchers mean that your card details need never reach the net. Simply enter the voucher code on your chosen bingo site and your funds will be deposited.

What are the pros and cons of using PayPal?

The main advantages of using PayPal are its convenience and the enhanced level of security it offers.

When paying by PayPal, your card details are never shared with the vendor and are protected with the use of encryption software.

PayPal also allows you to impose a limit on your cards so that you never overspend. You can check your account balance anytime from anywhere by using the app or logging into the website.

One of the disadvantages of PayPal is that it does not offer a prepaid card service at this time. Many other e-wallets do. This mean that players can withdraw their winnings in cash from an ATM using these other services.

Although PayPal do allow you to pay via their app, this can be too complex for those not comfortable using tech for payments.

All in all, it’s clear to see that PayPal is a successful service for a reason. It is easy to operate and offers customers peace of mind in addition to convenient payments.

Check out some of the new PayPal bingo sites today and try it yourself!