Beginners Guide to Online Bingo

So all this talk of playing online bingo has you curious. It sounds like fun, but you need to know how to get started!

Well my friend, here is where you will find all the advice you need.

Follow this guide and you will have the peace of mind of knowing your online bingo experience will be safe, secure, fair, and fun.

This guide will give you a step by step, easy to follow plan to give you just that.

  1. Step 1 – Find the best Online Bingo resource
  2. Step 2 – Educate Yourself about online bingo
  3. Step 3 – Determine What online bingo site suits you best
  4. Step 4 – Read your online bingo site rules, policies & FAQ’s
  5. Step 5 – Choose you preferred method Funding your online bingo account
  6. Step 6 – Sign up & Fund your online Bingo account
  7. Step 7 – Choose your preferred method of game play
  8. Step 8 – Review the online bingo games and prices offered
  9. Step 9 – Purchase online bingo Cards
  10. Step 10 – Play online bingo

Step 1 – Find the best Online Bingo resource

Congratulations on completing the 1st step! Since you are already at Top Bingo, you can move on to step 2.

This site has all the information you will need to educate yourself and choose the absolute best online bingo Site that suits your specific wants, needs and desires.

If you want to know more about Top Bingo, how it originated, and what our goals are.

Step 2 – Educate Yourself about Online Bingo

See our FAQ’s to become familiar with all of the features and options available to you while playing online bingo.

There is a lot of great information there. Doing this will help you make decisions in the steps to follow.

You can also visit the links provided on our Top USA Bingo list.

They will bring you to the various Web sites where there is a lot of general information about online bingo.

Step 3 – Determine What Online Bingo Site suits you Best

Okay, you are now up to speed with online bingo lingo, and the many options available to you. Here is where you have to start making some decisions.

The best place to start is by viewing Top 10 list.

If you haven’t read the page about free bingo, then you should go there first to understand how these lists came to be, and what makes them the absolute best and most complete lists on the internet.

We take tremendous pride in the complete unbiased nature of these rankings, and the legitimacy in which they came to be.

The Top List displays the top online bingo sites with a general description of their promotions and features. Go ahead and visit any of the sites that look interesting to you.

We provide the links to their home page so you can do some investigating for yourself.

Step 4 – Read your Bingo Sites rules, policies & faq’s

You have come a long way in educating yourself in all there is to know about online bingo right? Let’s jump in and play right? Not so fast…

Once you have found that perfect site, read the rules and polices for that specific site. You want to take full advantage of the signup bonuses and other promotions.

If you want to take full advantage of all the sites features, you need to understand them.

Step 5 – Choose you preferred method Funding your Bingo Account

There are many ways to fund your online bingo account, and you need to be aware of all the pros and cons of each method.

We recommend opening an account with an online banking system such as NETeller.

Please see our Banking Guide page for a full description of this subject, so you can decide for yourself which method you want to use.

If you choose a method such as NETeller, you now need to go ahead and fund your NETeller account now. Don’t be intimidated by this step.

Once you transfer your funds in to the account, you can always get them back if need be.

The transfers can take place directly to and from your traditional bank account. Again, see our Banking Guide page for more on this important subject.

Step 6 – Sign up & Fund your Bingo account

This basically consists of choosing an alias and password, and providing a valid street address as well as a working email address.

Don’t give false information here, as you may forfeit your winnings if you do.

We recommend choosing a very unique alias, so you can use the same one at various bingo sites if you choose to try several of them.

Then go ahead and make your deposit using your funding method of choice.

A piece of advice here is to make your first deposit as large as the site will still reward you the 1st deposit bonus.

For example: Many sites will give you a 100% deposit bonus up to $200.

If possible, in this case you should take full advantage of this offer and deposit $200. They will then match your deposit for a total of $400 into your account.

I suggest doing this because it will likely be the only time you will have such a good bonus offer.

And if it turns out that you are not crazy about the site, you can always withdraw your money.

Be aware that most sites require you to play your initial deposit 8 times before you can withdraw the bonus money that they gave to you.

But you ALWAYS have access to the money that you deposited. Make sure you refer to the individual site for their deposit bonus rules

Step 7 – Chose your preferred method of Bingo game play

Some sites offer a few options for the game interface. Many sites only offer the no deposit option.

You may have even determined which site you want to play at based on the fact that they offer a no deposit playing option.

If the no deposit option is something you are interested in see our Top No Deposit list.

Step 8 – Review the games and prices offered

Now you’re getting close … Review the game schedule and prices offered to see what most interests you.

Many sites have a web page that displays their weekly schedule, print this off as a guide. Also, most sites have a monthly newsletter with a new set of promotions that will inform you of the best deals, promotions, and some unique games.

I highly recommend reading the site specific newsletter, as there is usually great opportunities for added bonuses, or free games such as Keno, or lottery.

Step 9 – Purchase Bingo Cards

Now you have your account funded, and your game time chosen, now you can purchase your cards. Most sites require a minimum of 3 cards, and many sites allow you chose the cards that you want to play. That’s right.

Many sites offer a feature where you can page through bingo cards and only purchase the ones that look like winners to you.

I don’t believe this will actually increase your odds of winning, but adds an element of fairness to the game.

Step 10 – Play Bingo

Let the Fun Begin! . Now that you are all set, up you can play to your hearts content. Just make sure you play within your budget. Hopefully your winnings will keep you going until you hit that big jackpot. Most players chose to use the auto-daub feature.

This is where the software automatically daubs your bingo cards for you. Then you can participate in the chat feature, or you could even play some slots, pull tabs, or video poker if offered.

Another feature provided by some online bingo sites is that each bingo card is color coded depending on how close it is to the Bingo, and you can rearrange them based in how close to bingo they are.

See your site for the specific features offered. Have fun! Good luck to all!

The Basics of Online Bingo

Learning to play Bingo games online is easy because the game itself is simple and very straight forward. The object of the game is to buy cards or tickets, on which are printed numbers between 1 and 75 or 90, depending on the style of Bingo you want to play.

Random numbers are generated, most commonly by the selection of balls from a hopper, for each game and a “caller” will announce the number selected.

If the number matches one on your card, you mark it off. If after a sequence of these numbers is called, the marked squares make a designated pattern, you win!

If you are playing 90-ball Bingo, these patterns can be a Single Line Across, Two Lines Across and/or a Full House, meaning all numbers on a single card are marked off.

Every game you play will present a chance to win a prize, designated at the beginning of the game. The game ends when the last prize for that session has been claimed.