Choosing an Online Bingo Site

Online Bingo has fast become a very popular form of online gaming and leisure. There is no question that the number of bingo rooms to go online in the last few years has increased sharply.

And although some of this can be attributed to a growing number of displaced online casino gamblers looking for a legitimate site to wager money online, the fact remains that the game of bingo is a very popular pastime, with or without money on the line.

Of course, bingo is always more fun with higher stakes, which explains why some of the best rooms on the Web today are offering jackpots and bonuses that exceed many online casinos.

Furthermore, bingo rooms are meeting the needs of many online casino players, considering that many bingo rooms also offer a small selection of slots and video poker.

Having the option to open both a “fun money” free account and “real money” account, many players start off playing for the fun and entertainment value, only to later deposit money and participate in large jackpot tournaments.

When it comes to choosing an online bingo room, players should consider a few things.

Besides ensuring the bingo room is properly licensed and regulated, it is wise to verify that the bingo room guarantees minimum monthly payouts, offers multiple deposit and withdrawal options (along with 24/7 customer service), offers live chat and moderated chat rooms, has a substantial player base providing for a larger selection of tournaments, payouts and a diverse selection of games, and offers real-money betting incentives, such as free cash bonuses and comp points.

How to Choose

Choosing an online bingo site is no simple matter. It requires serious consideration. After all, this is the website that will deliver you online bingo services; choosing the wrong provider means you will have to suffer the consequences.

Bingo is a classic game, so the fact that it will entertain you is unquestionable. However, the quality of the service of your online bingo website can diminish the level of entertainment you will get.

Thankfully, there are considerations you can weigh when choosing an online bingo site. What are these?

Here are important factors to consider when choosing your online bingo website:

  1. Free or required registration fee? Before you can play bingo from your game provider, you will have to sign up or register for the service. However, there are websites that require you to pay beforehand and websites that allow for free registration. Which is better? As with most things, this issue is a matter of preference. Those offering free registration may seem practical, but those requiring payment may offer some pretty solid benefits. Weigh the options and, more importantly, what you can afford. Of course, do not choose the service that requires payment if you’re not willing to commit to the provider; choosing the free service will allow you to choose the better provider among the bunch.
  2. Free games. Some online bingo sites offer free games, some do not. You may think you won’t need free bingo games. However, this is never true. To be safe, choose the bingo site that offers free bingo games. Of course, “free” is subjective. In this case, choose the provider that allows you to try out their service for free (so you’ll have a basis for your decision) and/or the website that offers varied prices for their bingo games.
  3. Different games. You may think that you will only want to play just one type of bingo game. Again, this is never true. Many players end up liking the other bingo games—the ones they are not accustomed to. Why stick with one when you can have more? With this in mind, choose the site that offers a sizable number of bingo game types.
  4. Review. Online reviews are a dime a dozen, but that doesn’t mean they do not offer valuable information. Read reviews before you choose an online bingo website. Deciphering reviews is actually trickier than it seems since they can easily be altered or manipulated by the online bingo sites. There are two ways to use reviews as a measuring tool: read more than one review and read reviews from reputable sources.

Which one is the Best Choice for You

One of the foremost reasons why you could be playing bingo games is you love the fun and excitement it brings.

However, you would surely feel more encouraged to play the game if you know that there are actually a lot of ways on how you can earn money through it.

  1. You get bonuses once you sign up. There are two types of bonuses that you can look forward to once you sign up in an online bingo website. The first one could be the no-deposit bonus. This means that you don’t have to make any deposit before you can play the bingo games. Rather, the website will be the one that’s going to give you the initial funds or the bingo cards.
  2. Refer a friend. You can also earn more money by simply referring people into the website. Most online bingo sites would encourage their members to call on their friends and acquaintances to sign up. For every person that you successfully convinced, you can earn as much as $50. So if you can get 10 every day for 20 days, you can already increase your money to $10,000. This is definitely not bad at all.
  3. Sign in to the chat room. While chat rooms of most online games are only meant for interaction, in bingo websites they can also be great sources of money. Most of them would come up with chat games, where you can earn real cash or points that can be converted to cash or to buy more bingo cards. The games are totally different from bingo, so they are a good diversion for you if you’re already tired with marking numbers.
  4. Win regular bingo games. There are also prizes that are waiting for you every time you’re going to play regular bingos. You can increase your chances by joining sessions. In every session, there are around 12 regular games. This means that you have a dozen chances of winning the prize. Nevertheless, before you can join, you may have to pay a certain fee, which will cover the prize itself and the administration of the website.
  5. Join bonanza games. Bingo bonanza is a game that is played once the 12 regular games are done. It’s a form of progressive bingo jackpot, where the amount of money increases as there are no players who would win the pot. For you to join this, you simply need to buy a different kind of bingo card.