Canadian Bingo Sites

BingoMind offers a selection of the top Canadian bingo sites offering huge guaranteed prizes on every single game as well as great selection of chat games.

Play bingo today in high roller bingo halls, fair and square bingo halls, nickels and dimes bingo halls and 75 & 90 ball themed bingo lounges.

All the selcted bingo games have the highest prizes and promotions that can be found online! All halls have a great chat and support team to help with any of your queries and to award big chat bucks prizes. BingoMind is constantly changing to offer you the best online bingo experience possible!

Bingo Village

Bingo Village

Min. Deposit: 20
Deposit Bonus

$25 No Deposit, 200% Welcome Bonus + 100 Free Spins

Min. Deposit: 20
Deposit Bonus

$20 No Deposit Bingo + 100 FREE Spins

Min. Deposit: 20
Deposit Bonus

500% Bingo Bonus + $100 Free No Deposit

Min. Deposit: 20
Deposit Bonus

Generous 1000% deposit bonus package

Min. Deposit: 20
Deposit Bonus

Get 1000% Bonus and $50 free no deposit

Min. Deposit: 20
Deposit Bonus

$20 No Deposit Offer and 50 Free Spins

Min. Deposit: 20
Deposit Bonus

600% bingo bonus and $50 free no deposit

Min. Deposit: 30
Deposit Bonus

500% Bingo Bonus + $30 No Deposit Required

Min. Deposit: 20
Deposit Bonus

600% bonus and $50 free no deposit

Min. Deposit: 20
Deposit Bonus

500% Bonus, $10 No Deposit + 30 Free Spins

Hi fellow Bingo fans! Are you looking for the best online bingo site for Canadian players? Then you need to look no further. We have been playing at various bingo sites for many years and can therefore advise you which bingo sites are the best for Canadians and why.

The top 10 bingo sites we recommend on this page are cherry picked from more than 50 sites we have tested and are ideal for Canadians. These sites are 100% safe and secure, offer top notch software and above all, a pleasant community of bingo fans from all around the world to chat and play bingo with!

Our online bingo reviews for Canadian bingo sites are based on various parameters that we feel make a site stand out from the rest. Most important is security and fair play.

The software used must offer completely random results with no foul play and your winnings must be paid out promptly without delays. The companies behind some of the bingo rooms we recommend are some of the largest in the online gaming world.

You can rest assured that playing at these companies is safe and that the customer support is first-class, so that if you have any questions, you will get help in no time.

Also important is the promotional offers and bonuses at bingo sites. Our chosen bingo rooms offer the best bonuses, some of which are free money bonuses so you can try before you buy.

Mostly you will also get a deposit bonus on any money you pay in. Of course you can make a deposit using Canadian Dollars. As a Canadian bingo player, you will be able to take part in some really incredible promotions where you can win fun prizes, cruises, shopping sprees and much more.

There are so many bingo sites out there that it can be confusing for new bingo players to choose the best ones. Let us help you make the right decision.

Try out some of our top 10 bingo sites for Canadian players, get amazing FREE bonuses and most importantly, have fun playing bingo online!

Best Canadian Bingo Sites to Win On With no Wagering

BingoMind offers fantastic online bingo lounges where you can play your favourite 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo games. Each bingo lounge has a different bingo schedule offering guaranteed prizes every single game.

Claim the top bingo bonuses at the worlds best online bingo site. Play online bingo games with trusted online bingo sites, offering top bingo games and high bingo jackpots. It’s time to play bingo with sites listed on BingoMind.

Play the best online bingo games with 75 Ball Bingo and 90 Ball Bingo halls for all different card prices and fun. Play great Super Reel slots, 5 reel Slots, 3 reel slots, instant games, video poker, scratch cards, blackjack, keno and much much more.

Trusted Bingo Sites in Canada

With the help of the internet, you can have different ways to enjoy your leisure time. As of now, there are countless online bingo games promoted by numerous websites. However, if you want to experience the best bingo gaming experience, you need to check out the reviews for a particular bingo gaming site first. In this case, you can depend on what online Trusted Canadian bingo provides.

In Canada, players of online bingo are continuously increasing due to the excitement and money-making opportunity it offers. To know more about the most ideal bingo websites where you can play safely and securely, don’t forget to check out Trusted Canadian Bingo first.

In the traditional bingo game, players need to use balls. Canadian Bingo, on the other hand, makes use of random number generator. Most of the listed bingo games are quite similar to online casino and poker. It also allows every user to chat while playing.

Best Bingo Sites Canada

Best Canadian Bingo offers various bingo games that have various game play mechanics. Some mini games will also pop-up while you are playing. Similar with traditional bingo games, Best Canadian Bingo also offers great bonuses and unlimited promotions.

With its excellent offers, everyone will experience a satisfactory gaming experience like no other. Canadian Bingo also provides a detailed summary of every game to guide the players in choosing what bingo game to play.

Whether you are alone or want to play along with your friends, Best Canadian Bingo will be able to meet all your needs. It will also give you a chance to accumulate more money without spending a lot of effort.

The largest collections of games and features of Best Canadian Bingo will take the gaming experience of players to newer heights. This site allows you to explore the best online bingo games easily and instantly. Are you longing to experience a wonderful bingo game? Check out Canadian Bingo now!

Canadian Independent Bingo Sites

After registering at online Bingo Canada, you need to make a first deposit into the account of the Bingo Room in exchange for Bingo chips.

To make a deposit, go to ‘cashier’ and click ‘deposit’, after that you need to choose your preferred method of depositing. There are many different deposit methods to choose from when you want to deposit money, all a 100% safe and secure.

All these methods have different registration procedures; some need full personal details, while others need only a valid email address for players to be able to use the service.

In the past, credit cards were the most popular method for funding accounts, but ever since the new limitations being imposed by several credit card companies it is more difficult for players to fund their Bingo accounts this way. There are however, excellent alternatives.

Deposit methods that are used in almost all online Canadian Bingo Halls are: Neteller, AstroPay, Skrill, ECOcard, PaySafe, Wire Transfer and Banker’s Draft etc.

The process-times differ per method. For example, credit card deposits take approximately 2 to 5 minutes, while Wire Transfers can take about two business days and Bank Draft can take up to 21 days before the transfer is cleared and you can use the money in your online bingo account.

Play Canadian Bingo Online for Cash

People of all age groups and bankrolls are playing online bingo everyday. No longer do you have to go to a bingo hall or a local church to play bingo as the Internet has made it possible to play bingo online for cash at anytime of the day or night.

Bingo is a game that everyone knows how to play as players buy bingo cards and wait for their numbers to show up. The first player to spell “B-I-N-G-O” on his card wins the jackpot. Even those gamblers who like poker, craps, and blackjack love to play bingo as a relaxing way to unwind and still have a chance to win money.

Many players also enjoy the chat feature at online bingo sites because they can play bingo and talk with their friends at the same time. One reason that people really like to play bingo is that there is no decision making.

Winning money at bingo depends upon luck and you might be surprised at how many people would prefer not to make decisions when they are gambling.

Instead of having to decide which cards to hold in video poker or whether to hit or stand in blackjack, gamblers can simply sit back and cheer for their numbers to come up and not worry about any decision making.

Very often in life the simplest things are the best and that is part of the appeal of bingo. When gamblers play bingo online for cash they oftentimes will take advantage of the daily jackpots and the other promotions from the online bingo site they choose to play at.

Players will start at an online casino site by getting a bonus and that free money can then be used to play online bingo and try and hit the jackpot.

Our Favorite Canada Bingo Games

If you are looking for Canadian Bingo Sites you have some great choices above to play online bingo Canada. Here is a list of all of our favorite Canada Bingo Games online.

These bingo games are most often played with 75 balls, but we do sometimes see 80 ball and 90 ball games as well. All of these sites accept payments and play in Canadian Dollars.

Once you select a bingo site that you like you can either check all of the latest bingo offers and promotions or you can choose to go straight to the bingo site and start playing.

There are not a lot of Canada Bingo Games online, but there are some new and established online bingo sites that are starting to look at this option and offers Canadian bingo games.

When we come across a new Canada Bingo site than you will find all of the information right here at bingo games online where you will find the best choices for Canada Bingo Online.