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90 Ball Bingo Games

90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingogames is the popular U.K. version of the game whereby 90 balls are used rather than the 75 as in the U.S. form. It was not derived from U.S. Bingogames but rather was originated from lottery games dating back several centuries.

Just as with the American version, 90 ball Bingo really took off after the close of World War II due to the popularity of the game with military service people during the war. In military circles, 90 Ball Bingo games was called “Housey-Housey”; so named because once a player had won they cried out “house”! 90 Ball Bingo is considered easy to play because there are basically only three patterns or forms of the game – One-Line, Two-Line, or Full House Bingo. The U.S. 75 ball version can have many different theme patterns and can lead to some confusion. 9

0 Ball Bingo generally moves at a slower pace and thus takes longer per session.

The game is played with a book of cards containing up to 68 game cards (50 in New Zealand). The pattern or grid for each card is 3 rows of 9 columns. Within each row there are 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces.

The numbers are listed beginning with 1 to 9 in the first column, 10 to 19 in the second, 20 to 29 in the third column, 30 to 39 in the fourth, 40 to 49 in the fifth, 50 to 59 in the sixth, 60 to 69 in the seventh, 70 to 79 in the eighth, and finally numbers 80 to 90 in the ninth column.

The caller begins the session by asking all players to lower their eyes and then he/she will start calling out the selected numbers.

The participants only have to match one of the 3 rows containing five numbers in order to win and call “Bingo” (if a One-Line game).

A Two-Line game involves matching any two lines by covering the five listed numbers in two rows. A Full House game is when all three rows holding 5 numbers each are covered.

Just as the level of matching numbers increases with the addition of each line, so too does the prize being awarded with the Full House session garnering the largest jackpot or award. Playing 90 Ball Bingo online can be just as exciting as playing “in person” (especially if you win!).

The difference would be playing at home on a computer versus in a room filled with people. What online lacks in ambiance is more than made up for with accessibility, ease of play, and being surrounded by homey creature comforts (like playing in your pajamas).

And even though you may be playing online, in your home, without an audience; you can still jump up and shout “Bingo” or “House-Housey” every time you win a game!

75 Ball Bingo Games

75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo games is the U.S. derivation of this enjoyable game of chance. Originally devised, changed, and reworked from 16th century lottery games in Europe, Bingo finally landed on the U.S. east coast around the early 1920’s.

Initially seen and played at local fairs in Pennsylvania, it wasn’t until a traveling toy salesman named Lowe happened upon a session of “Beano” and decided to duplicate the game for his friends.

They were enchanted with this new game and couldn’t get enough play time.

This inspired Lowe to merchandize the game personally and thus he refined and edited it into 75 Ball Bingo games.

Just as the moniker implies, there are 75 balls utilized in this version of Bingo. Each ball is marked with one letter and one number.

The letters used are B-I-N-G-O and the numbers follow suit as 1 to 15 are associated with the “B”; 16 to 30 with the “I”; 31 to 45 with the “N”; 46 to 60 with the “G”; and 61 to 75 with the final letter “O”.

The cards used in 75 Ball Bingo are printed with a 5 X 5 grid (5 rows of 5 columns) with each grid box containing a number (except for the center which is a free space.

Once the participants are seated and ready to listen, the caller announces the start of the first Bingo session and begins calling out the randomly selected numbers.

The selection is either via a revolving Bingo Cage, air tumblers, or computer generated selections. Depending upon the selected session theme pattern, the game can be short (one-line filled in) or longer (cover all numbers).

The theme patterns used are almost limitless – Square, X shape, Figure 8, Letter O, Letter F, Letter E, diagonal line, horizontal line, a plus sign, and so on.

When a play matches the select theme with covered numbers, they shout out “Bingo” and the session is halted to validate the Bingo.

Once a confirmed Bingo, the session is over and it is on to the next one. 75 Ball Bingo is the most popular form of the game in the U.S. Playing 75 Ball Bingo online is swiftly becoming a national craze – one that can easily be sated.

The advantages to playing Bingo online versus “real life” include ease of access, games 24/7, meeting up with friends and relatives stretched across the country and the globe, and having no worries over your appearance.

“Real life” Bingo may be more entertaining and exciting due to the sheer numbers of players all in one place, however winning brings the same joyous feelings regardless of whether you are playing at home online or inside a filled hall.

Blackout Bingo

Bingo has been part of the United States since it was introduced in 1929. There are many types of bingo games. The black out bingo version is basically a different pattern.

It makes the game last much longer, because it has a full pattern in which it is played. The blackout pattern of Bingo requires you to make sure that all 24 numbers are covered and declared.

So, the game then lasts a whole lot longer than if you are only looking for a five in a row combination. The first person to have all twenty-four spots declared is the winner.

The game lasts too quickly when it is only a five in a row combination, so when choosing blackout bingo, know that the game will definitely be a little longer.

The caller or person who yells the numbers and spots out for the bingo card can only call out around sixty times. Of course, this all depends on the amount of players in a blackout bingo game.

So, it can be extremely difficult to play blackout bingo too win. The excitement mounts with every call and the die-hard bingo fans are rearing too win.

Money Ball Bingo

Money Ball Bingo is quickly becoming a very popular variation of this game of chance. It is similar to Money Ball Lotto or lottery games in that a special number is drawn which can double the jackpot or payout if bingo hits on that number. Unlike most lottery games, the money ball must be drawn prior to the start of the bingo session.

It is hard to determine which came first – Money Ball Bingo or Money ball Lottery – but in any case, this exciting theme game will send pulses racing when announced.

The reason for all the excitement and palpitations is the chance to double the prize if the player is able to call “Bingo” when/if that Money Ball number is drawn. It is a similar adrenaline rush felt when Black Out bingo is played. It’s the lure to win big.

Easy money! The basic game of 75 or 90 Ball Bingo games is played like always (with a theme pattern), however just before the session begins, the caller draws out a money ball from a separate group of balls – not from the game ones being used.

Whatever that number may be determines the Money Ball of the session. In order for a participant to win the double prize, he/she must be able (verifiable speaking) to win or call “Bingo” when that Money Ball number is drawn from the game balls.

If no one is able to win when that number is called, the game continues on until a winner is declared but they will not receive a double prize (even if they have the money ball number as one of their covered spaces.

Only calling “Bingo” when it is drawn gets the Money Ball double prize.

Though only recently coming into play, Money Ball Bingo is swiftly becoming a popular version of this classic and timeless game of chance.

It is just as fun and thrilling as Black Out Bingo but without the longer playing time.

Playing Money Ball Bingo online is equally as exciting and “live”, perhaps even more so due to the added spice of the possibility of doubling the prize.

Big X Bingo

Big X Bingo is a theme pattern whose name exactly describes the design needed to achieve in order to yell “Bingo”.

The winner of a game must complete an “X” on their bingo card by covering each corner, the free space, and the eight spaces configured diagonally from the four covered corners.

In all, a total of 13 covered spaces. Although X Bingo has existed in the 75 ball version for many decades, it seems this pattern is taking the online bingo parlors by storm.

Huge jackpots, round the clock games, and fun for all are just a few of the reasons more and more players are flocking to the Internet to play.

The reasoning is simple: a slightly longer game, a larger payout due to the extended covering of spaces, and the thrill of trying to win.

The letter “X” has a curious and somewhat mystical place in history and our lives. “X” is used as a person’s “mark” or signature by those who cannot read or write.

Pirate treasure maps would have a large “X” indicating the exact location of their buried bounty.

People who have the letter in their name (Xavier, Paxton, Alexandra, Roxanne, Max, etc.) are thought to be thrill seekers and very sensual people.

It could be the Big X Bingo game embodies all these qualities and more and thus is why it is so appealing to one and all.

Winning a session of Big X Bingo is just like finding the “X” on the Pirate map – “X” marks the spot and the key to opening the door on the prize.

It is the thrill of yelling “Bingo” that lures those to play and doing so with Big “X” Bingo is more so. Each breathless shout by the caller means one step closer to winning that bigger jackpot.

Just like the nameless individuals who made their mark by signing an “X” on a deed or land agreement, so too is the forming of an “X” on the bingo card a symbol of grabbing something bigger and better.

Playing Big X Bingo online is just as thrilling and entertaining as playing at your local bingo hall.

The anticipation of hearing that final number called, hoping no one else gets a bingo first or at the same time, and the relief felt when your card is certified a winner.

All this happens with an online bingo site as well as in-person at the VFW or church. Don’t let bad weather or time of night keep you from playing Big X Bingo.

Diamond Bingo

Diamond Bingo is an exciting and tantalizing theme pattern nearly who participates in 75 Ball Bingo enjoys playing. There are three variations to this design: 1. Diamond (solid) – 13 covered spaces with the free space centered and each point touching the edge of the card; 2.

Diamond Inside – 5 covered spaces with the free space in the center and one space directly north, east, south, and west; and 3. Diamond Outline – 8 covered spaces depicting the outline of the diamond solid pattern.

The diamond sign is often considered a symbol for clarity, wisdom, and rising above everything. It is considered the pinnacle or ultimate gem stone to possess.

In reality, it seems logical to assume the diamond possesses its’ owner, not the other way around. A symbol of perfection, obtaining a diamond or giving one is the highest form of expressing love, wealth, and prosperity.

For those lucky enough to be born under the sign of Aries, the diamond gemstone institutes the ability to find and garner wealth and remove clutter.

Diamonds are also a symbol of eternal love and devotion. Giving a diamond ring to your loved one is a precious gift that lasts a lifetime.

Being able to express your love with a perfect gemstone highlights the perfection of your love and relationship. No wonder so many bingo contestants love playing Diamond Bingo.

Joining a session of Diamond Bingo brings a fast-paced round regardless of the design pattern being used.

The solid diamond pattern requires the most spaces covered, however it does include the free space within its design.

The amount of playing time is less due to the possibility of winning within such a short number of draws – 12 for Diamond solid; 4 for Diamond inside; and 8 for Diamond outline. The smaller the number of covered spaced needed, the quicker the game plays.

Diamonds are exquisite, simple, and breathtaking all at once. So too is the game of Diamond Bingo.

Sessions roll along at breakneck speed thus adding to the thrill and excitement of the game and the atmosphere within the room.

This is true whether being played in-person or online. In fact, online Diamond Bingo tends to display as much of an adrenaline rush as sitting in the bingo parlor.

Maybe it’s the fast pace or the ability to win quickly. It could be that everyone wants to have a diamond and this is a fun way to win one.

Lucky 7 Bingo Games

Lucky 7 Bingo is considered one of the more popular games, whether played online or in-person. The reason is simple – the number seven.

It has always symbolized good fortune and luck, so it is only natural for people to gravitate towards it. In fact, practically everywhere you look, the number seven is being displayed and/or utilized as a sign of winning and a sign of life.

There are 7 days in a week. According to the Bible, it took God 7 days to create the world. In the game of Craps, rolling a number 7 with the dice is an instant winner.

Many slot machines use triple 7’s as the jackpot. A touchdown and extra point conversion in football is 7 points. James Bond’s secret agent number is 007.

The BMW 7 series is the German automobile manufacturer’s premier or flagship vehicle. Many people often choose the number 7 as their personal lucky number.

There are seven deadly sins (greed, pride, avarice, impurity, envy, anger, and laziness) and seven perfect virtues (faith, hope, love, force, justice, prudence, and temperance).

There are basically two forms or types of patterns used for Lucky 7 Bingo – creating a number 7 within the game card and using a special “write-in” card with 7 spaces.

In the traditional form, the number seven is created by covering all five spaces across the top of the card and then covering the remaining four spaces as you go down diagonally from right to left.

The free space is utilized and the top right corner anchors the two rows together to equal a total of 9 covered spaces for “bingo”.

The “write-in” form of Lucky 7 Bingo is unlike any other game and offers a new form of excitement for the participants.

Each player is given a slip of paper with seven blank boxes for them to write in any combination of numbers between 1 and 75 without repeating them. T

he caller begins to shout out the number drawn and the players mark off their numbers as they are called.

The winner is the first one to have all seven of their numbers covered. There is just something very magical and mystical about winning a session of Lucky 7 Bingo.

The number has intrigued and fascinated people for thousands of centuries and it continues to enjoy a robust and successful turn as the luckiest number.

Lucky 7 Bingo is often played at both in-person and online games and usually garners a larger winner’s jackpot than the traditional form of Bingo.

Deal or No Deal Bingo Games

In Deal or No Deal there are 26 boxes, each containing a different prize value. At the start you must select one box to remain unopened until the end.

Choose carefully, the aim is to select the box containing the top prize. Afterwards there are several rounds in which you must open the remaining boxes to reveal their contents. After each round

The Banker will make an offer for your box. You either take the deal or decline it to play on. Every game has a payout; the longer you keep the big money in play the more

The Banker is forced to increase their offer. Rounds The following number of boxes must be opened in each round: Round/Open

  • 1 – 6 Boxes
  • 2 – 5 Boxes
  • 3 – 5 Boxes
  • 4 – 4 Boxes
  • 5 – 4 Boxes
  • 6 – Final Offer

Payouts The game is over when you either accept an offer from The Banker or reject their final offer. Winnings are automatically added to your account.

Progressive Bingo Games

When you enter bingo rooms, you will often notice that there is a Progressive bingo jackpot.

These bingo jackpots and increment continually as players wager game to game.

Whenever you participate in a Bingo Game in a room with a progressive jackpot, you will have the chance to win it.

The Jackpots increase as Bingo play goes on and can reach into several thousands of pounds!

As each new card pattern emerges, the pattern will have a number defining the amount of calls needed to claim the bingo Jackpot.

If a player obtains a Bingo in this amount of calls or less, during Bingo Play, then they will win that rooms bingo progressive Jackpot and the bingo game prize.

The Progressive Jackpots available during a Bingo game play can be won by any bingo player who has bingo cards playing.

A Big progressive Bingo Jackpot win is a thrill of a lifetime, Good Luck and live the dream!

The Price is Right

A new bingo game starts every 6 minutes, so once you’ve bought your cards you’ll be able to get involved in a game in no time.

Simply click the ‘Buy Cards’ button to join The Price is Right online party!

In addition to the usual bingo game, you also have: Progressive Jackpots They’re making bingo even more exciting by giving you the chance to win the Progressive Jackpot. Progressive Jackpots will just keep getting bigger until someone wins it!

You win the Progressive Jackpot by completing your card in under the stated number of balls Once it has been won, the fun starts all over, as it starts to grow until it’s won again.

Will you be that lucky winner? Remember you’ve got to be in it to win it!

The Price Is Right Progressive Jackpots are shared between all The Price Is Right Studios which means they’ll grow quicker and be won quicker than ever before! Being shared jackpots means that they can be won by any player in any of the The Price Is Right Studios.

Super Jackpots Look out for the special games that will make you your bank manager’s new best friend.

These Super Jackpot games are offered at set times each day and allow you to win an extra bonus prize.

You can see which games have a Super Jackpot on the Schedule tab of the Buy Cards screen.

When the Super Jackpot is available you will see it displayed above the Progressive Jackpot in the game info area on the left of the game screen.

The Super Jackpot can be won in the same way as the Progressive Jackpot; by completing your card in under the stated number of balls.

If you complete the pattern on your card quickly enough, you will win all three jackpots for a massive windfall!

Bonus Games Between some Bingo games they will be broadcasting a game show style bonus game where

The Price Is Right Bingo players can win big prizes! Everyone who has a ticket for the previous bingo game has a chance of qualifying for inclusion in one of the subsequent bonus games.

All bonus games requiring player input are optional, i.e. you are not obliged to play.

Games that do not require player input and return a guaranteed win may be run automatically, even while you are not at your computer.

The bonus games are only available for a limited time and must always be completed within the displayed time; to allow tickets to be bought and the next game of Bingo to be run.

Best Bingo Sites

Online bingo gives players a chance to win money while playing a relaxing and fun game. Players from all over the world can play at online casino sites anytime of the day or night.

The two most popular varieties of online bingo are 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo.

Let’s take a look at the 75 ball variety. 75 ball bingo is played for the most part in the United States and in Canada. The game has 25 squares on a 5×5 card.

There are 75 numbers that can appear on the card with the center square marked as free.

On the top of the card you will see the BINGO letters. The “B” row has numbers that range from 1 to 15 while “I” has 16 to 30, “N” has 31 to 45, “G” has 46 to 60 and “O” has 61 to 75.

The difference between 75 ball bingo games and 90 ball bingo is obviously the amount of balls with more in the 90 ball variety.

There are some different options with both games and a lot of ways to win.

The main way to win is for the first player to get Bingo by vertical, diagonal or horizontal.

The other main choice with 75 ball bingo games is the coverall or what is sometimes referred to as the blackout.

That is where every number on a card has to be covered to win.

Online bingo is popular not only with recreational gamblers but also with the regular gambler who will look to relax by playing at the online casino.

Bingo is a fun game where players can relax and have a chance to win a nice jackpot without risking much money.

It is always nice to play a game where you can win money without giving it much thought and that is the case with online bingo.

What’s the difference between 75 and 90 ball bingo games?

The biggest difference between the two games is the number of balls that are possible. 75-ball Bingo is most common in North America and uses a 5 x 5 card to distribute the numbers.

The basic game starts with the Bingo board or “card”, laid out in a 5×5 grid. Each card is coordinated by the letter “B”, “I”, “N”, “G”, and “O” across the top.

Numbers 1-75 are distributed on the card in a specific pattern, with the center tile is called a “free space” which is automatically marked off with a counter, coaster, or what the host provides for you.

The numbers in the “B” column range from 1 to 15.

The “I” column has numbers between 16 and 30. The “N” column has numbers between 31 and 45. The “G” column ranges from 46 to 60 and the “O” column has numbers between 61 and 75. Often, you will be given (or asked to purchase if in a gambling situation) a “book” of cards, usually with three Bingo cards.

You can play each game with as many cards as you want, but keep in mind that as the numbers are announced, it will be your responsibility to keep track of all of your cards and mark them off correctly. 90-ball Bingo is most common in the UK and Australia.

At the beginning of a game, you purchase cards or boards with numbers printed on a 3×9 grid (3 rows and 9 columns).

The cards have numbers scattered numbers with random numbers or spaces in each column. Each column has a range of ten numbers, all summing up to 90.

The 1st column has between 1-10 numbers, the second column has between 11-20 numbers, and so on until 90. Each row will have 5 numbers and 4 spaces in a random combination.

The object is to get a single horizontal row filled with 5 numbers that match the numbers pulled from the hopper and announced by the caller.

If completed correctly, the player will yell “Bingo” and validated by a supervisor.

If correct, the player will win the game and receive a cash award or a prize of some kind.

Common Online Bingo games features

Auto Daubing

When you play Bingo in a live Bingo hall, you are given a dauber so you can mark your cards as the numbers are called.

Online, the software can give you the option of using an ‘Auto Daub’, where the software will automatically mark off matching numbers.

This feature can be very helpful if you are playing with a large number of cards.

This is an optional feature, so if you want to daub your cards manually, you can do so.

Unlike a live Bingo game, if you do not daub a number that has been called, it will not affect the outcome of the game if your ticket happens to be a winner.

Best Card Sorting

“Best Card Sorting” automatically arranges your tickets on the screen in order of which cards have the most matched numbers.

This way, you can keep track of which cards are the closest to winning.

Progressive Jackpots

Similar to progressive jackpots at slot machines, a progressive jackpot is a favorite on online bingo sites.

They offer the potential for big payouts with low initial investments. Progressive jackpots add a small portion of all the money played through its daily Bingo games and puts it into a single pool.

The amount gets bigger as the games progress and you can see the total of the pool in a designated area on the site.

These jackpots can grow quickly when the site is busy. Then on a designated session, you can play for a chance to win the money in the pool.


Bingo is a social game, so when playing online, Chat is a crucial component. Virtual ‘chat rooms’ allow you to communicate with other online friends and players, as well as have direct contact with a representative of the online Bingo hall itself (often refereed to as CMs or ‘Chat Managers’).

Chat is easy to use and the site will have instructions on how to use their chat features.

Some online Bingo companies also offer Chat Games as a way for regular players to win bonuses during their online sessions.

You will want to use proper chat etiquette when using the chat features.

Most online Bingo sites will have a moderator in the chat rooms to ensure customers can enjoy a pleasant experience.

Here are some general guidelines to follow when using the chat rooms:

  • Players should not use indecent, threatening or foul language
  • Players should not slander, abuse or threaten others
  • Players should not use nicknames that could reasonably cause offense
  • Players should not use sexual or racial slurs
  • Players should not impersonate other players
  • Players should respect a CMs authority