Bingo FAQ

What are the pros and cons of online bingo versus traditional bingo?

Pros of online bingo:

The ease of play, great and improving graphics,and features such as auto daub, and auto sort make the play itself very exciting.

These feature will only improve in the future.

You can play from anywhere, any time. This is a huge advantage of online play, it is always available, with no drive time required.

There is a large variety of bingo sites and games types to choose from. Search around our site and you are sure to find a bingo site that is perfect for you.

Additions such as pull tabs, video poker, and video slots are available at most bingo sites. With the internet there is a wide reaching audience.

This allows for big jackpots and guarantied prizes.

Cons of online bingo:

For those of you who are used to playing land based bingo, you may miss the atmosphere of the “bingo hall”, and the excitement of actually yelling BINGO in front of hundreds of people.

A computer and internet connection is required.

This is becoming less and less of an issue as more and more people acquire these things.

How much does it Cost?

It costs what ever you want it to cost. there are many sites that will let you play for free. this is a popular way to get started.
If you are interested in this please see our Top Free Play sites.
For a taste of Pay-to-Play Bingo, many sites offer 1 cent Bingo cards at various times throughout the week.
This is a great way to give yourself a chance at a jackpot with little risk.
The most commonly offered card prices are 5 cent, 10 cents, and 25 cents.
For you high rollers and those of you who are looking for the largest payout’s and jackpots, many sites also offer 50 cent and even $1 Bingo cards.
So you can really decide for yourself how much you are comfortable with.

Do I have to download software to play?

No. This used to be the case, but with new browser technologies there are some Bingo sites that offer a No deposit play option.
This is becoming a very popular feature, but there are some drawbacks to this feature as well.
Almost all Bingo sites offer a downloadable version of their game, but many sites we have listed also offer bingo games, which do not require a download.
If you want to see a list of sites that offer the No depositoption, see our Top No Deposit bingo page.

Why do most sites offer such generous Bonuses for 1st time deposits?

Simple. They want you to try their site, in hopes that you’ll like it, and retain you as a customer.
So many Bingo sites now offer at least a 100% match on your 1st deposit that it is becoming the norm. Learn to take full advantage of these promotions.

What sites offer the best promotions for 1st deposits?

Most sites offer pretty good promotions for 1st deposits, but there are some sites that have tremendous offers. For a list of the best, see our Top Best Promotions page.

Are online Bingo sites Secure?

For the most part yes they are. In order to help you find a site that emphasizes security of information, we have included this area in our page.
All sites listed on Top Bingo must adhere to these minimum requirements. This is not something that is practical for us to guarantee, as the security techniques are not readily verifiable.
However if they address this issue in their policies page, and we do not get complaints about their site, we will keep them listed on our site.

How do I know the game is not fixed?

For Bingo sites to be listed on our site, they must use the most modern and sophisticated bingo software available anywhere.
All cards and ball calls must be produced by a sophisticated random number generator which cannot be reprogrammed or tampered with.
Software must be thoroughly audited and tested in line with the biggest and best real world bingo halls worldwide.
They must not allow any of their staff or family members to play on their sites.

When I log in, can I remain anonymous?

For all Bingo sites list on our web site, the answer is yes. When you register at most sites, you are asked for your real name, address and contact details.
This information is for their records only. It helps to ensure that all players are legitimate and is never made public.
At registration you are also required to select a nickname/alias and password. When you enter the game, you are identified by the nickname you have chosen.
So unless you choose to communicate with your fellow players and pass on any personal information, there is no way anyone should know who you really are.

If my connection fails, am I kicked out of the game?

For Bingo sites to be listed on our site, they must use software that has been programmed to track every card purchased for every game played.
So even if you are disconnected, for whatever reason, your cards will still be played and your winnings will still be credited to your account.
As long as you have purchased cards, you stand the same chance of winning as everybody else, no matter what!

Is my privacy respected?

In order for a Bingo site to be listed on our site it must adhere to certain privacy policies. These are difficult to gage and verify, but we require our listed sites to have a good respectable privacy policy documented on their web site
They must adhere to these policies to the best of our knowledge.
We have found that Privacy is a top priority for most Bingo sites, as it is the number one customer concern. Please see the specific policies for the Bingo site of your choice before you join.

Is it Legal?

As these games are played over the Internet, they reach virtually every country in the world. Some of these jurisdictions have not addressed the legality of Internet gaming, while some have specifically made Internet gaming illegal.
In practical terms, it is impossible to determine the state of the law in every country, state, and province around the world on an ongoing basis.
It is essentially up to you to determine if it is legal in your home jurisdiction.

What features are available to assist in tracking my bingo cards during play?

There are many features that make following your cards easy online. You can choose to “daub” your card yourself if you wish, but most sites have an auto daub feature that will mark your cards for you.
This is what most Bingo players do, then they can participate in the chat rooms or perhaps a few games of slots or pull tabs while they monitor their cards.
Also, many sites have an auto sort feature which automatically arranges your cards in order based on how many numbers they have.
On top of that there is also a color coding that indicates how many numbers you are away from bingo. See your specific site for4 details on what they offer.

How to Pick an Online Bingo Alias

Your online bingo alias (also referred to as your account ID) is one of the first things you will do when you sign up for an account with an online bingo site.

Some players like to assume a generic alias Player123, but most players like to create a unique alias for themselves.

When choosing an online bingo alias, there are a couple important factors to take into consideration that will allow you to create a unique and easy to remember alias.

First of all, DO NOT use anything that is offensive or that anyone could take offense to. Online bingo is supposed to be about fun, not making a political or any other kind of statement.

Secondly, make it something that has meaning to you. Do you love cats – CatLvr93, do you have 3 great kids – Mom23kids, do you drive a truck for a living – Trucking.

You get the idea. Make it clever, witty, smart, etc – just make it your own.

Lastly, remember that this is the alias that the other online bingo players are going to see in the chat rooms and the alias that you will be referred to by everyone.

Don’t make it too complicated or long. Abbreviate as much as possible and use numbers for letters (2 instead of two or to) when you can.

Online Bingo Chat Rooms

Chat rooms can be one of the most enjoyable parts of playing online bingo. It gives you an opportunity to play some exciting chat rooms games, get to know the Chat Masters and to make friends with other online bingo players from around the world.

Choosing a chat room you feel comfortable in is very important when deciding what online bingo site you are going to spend your money at.

  • Does the CM acknowledge you when you join the room? When you have questions, does the CM take the time to answer them?
  • Does the CM clearly explain the chat room games and how they are played?
  • Does the CM treat all the players fairly and with a friendly attitude?

The Chat Room experience should add to your online bingo experience, not detract from it. If you encounter any negative situations in a chat room, you should contact the online bingo site directly and let them know about the problem.

Online Bingo Pattern Types

Coverall games are run once every hour with a top prize of $1,500. On Mondays, the jackpot is increased to $2,000 All Day Long!

Unlike other game patterns where the jackpot is based on the number of cards purchased, the Blackout game has a fixed payout that decreases as shown below after the 50th number is called.

The standard game type is a static pattern. These patterns cannot be rotated or shifted on the Bingo card and are won only when every cell that is highlighted in the game pattern image is marked on a single Bingo card.

Games that allow the pattern to be rotated in 90 degree increments are designated as ‘Crazy’ games. A number of our static patterns also have a ‘Crazy’ variation.

Unlike static patterns that do not allow the pattern to be shifted or rotated, Crazy games can can be rotated by 90º, 180º or 270º for a winning pattern match.

The classic Any Line game is an example of a transposable pattern. This type of game is won when the specified pattern is marked anywhere on the Bingo card.