Dragonfish Bingo

Dragonfish is perhaps the most respected and innovative bingo software network around.

Bingo players who play at Dragonfish bingo rooms find a strong selection of bingo games, responsive software, and a network full of players – which translates into a ton of bingo money up for grabs.

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Dragonfish bingo sites are amongst some of the most popular on the web.

With a high level of user friendliness and some great bonuses to be had, it’s no wonder they are so successful.

If you haven’t already played at a Dragonfish bingo site, then let us point you in the right direction.

What kind of bonuses can I get at Dragonfish sites?

Dragonfish sites tend to offer significant deposit bonuses, both for new and existing players.

Newbie rooms

As a welcome bonus, many Dragonfish sites offer exclusive access to a newbie room where new players can play free bingo for real cash.

The level of cash which is up for grabs will be dependent on the site you’re playing at. As a newbie, you’ll generally be granted access to the room for anything from 3 to 7 days.

Dragonfish Welcome Bonus

The number of no deposit bonuses on dragonfish sites are limited. However, many of them promote top-class deposit bonuses. These will require you to make a deposit before you’ll receive bonus funds.

However, in return, you are likely to receive a large bonus. Some sites such as Bingo Hollywood will give players a 500% boost!

Tangible prizes have begun being introduced as part of a welcome bonus in some Dragonfish sites. For example, at Wink Bingo you now have the chance to win a smartphone or even a mini break worth £1000!

Who are Dragonfish?

Dragonfish is a subsidiary of 888 Holdings. 888 Holdings is the company behind Cassava enterprises too.

Dragonfish provides the software for many 888 and Cassava bingo sites, allowing you to play seamlessly and easily.

Recently, they have spent a great deal of time making more of their games and site suitable for mobile integration.

The company is committed to bringing innovation to the gaming sector.

What makes Dragonfish unique?

Dragonfish has a very enviable list of sites on its roster. In addition to the sites listed above, the company is also responsible for top brands such as Wink Bingo and Costa Bingo.

Although these sites can offer a large volume of networked promotions to their users, they often publicise unique offers too. By unique, we mean specific to one particular brand.

Several years ago, Dragonfish was producing a vast number of identical sites leading consumers to become disillusioned with the brand.

However, they have since developed exclusive rooms and bonuses to keep players interested.

Switching up the prizes by varying tangible prizes with bonus cash at new dragonfish bingo sites allows players plenty of opportunities to get their hands on rewards.

Dragonfish Software are perhaps the largest provider of online bingo site software that can be found anywhere on the net.

Their network and the range of websites running their technology is so extensive that it encompasses many of the large names in online bingo as well as a multitude of smaller named online bingo sites.

They are the B2B section of 888 holdings as from 2011 and a newly established network of bingo sites with PayPal deposit.

Dragonfish credit themselves with the first multi-currency software to be used in online bingo sites, although that is not their only particular area of expertise.

Dragonfish software can also be found in online casinos, sportsbooks, poker sites, live dealer casinos and quick play instant win games. Dragonfish Software offer two types of platforms for their clients.

Potential online gambling sites can either employ Dragonfish software as stand alone technology, or join the globally successful Dragonfish network and have access to all the benefits that joining such a network entails.

Dragonfish is mostly found in online bingo sites, and with that they operate both seventy five and ninety ball bingo games.

Clients can also choose to utilize some of Dragonfish’s back office technology which includes risk management, financial, customer support and hosting services to those online gambling businesses with a Dragonfish partnership.

Dragonfish have clearly identified what it is that their clients want and strive to deliver this with their technology.

Key aspects of Dragonfish Software’s package includes being a simple no download necessary program, a fast and easy to use interface, quick play games for bingo sites, multi currency availability, multi language applications, large progressive jackpots, the ability to play free bingo and a rewarding loyalty program for an online bingo sites frequent players.

Dragonfish also implores desirable bonus systems so that the online bingo sites using their software can roll in the new players with attractive offers, a pre-buy bingo card scheme and the aforementioned back office programs that can cover the technical aspects of an online bingo site from start to finish.

The Dragonfish bingo network extends to over sixty sites offering up to one million pounds in progressive jackpots across these sites.

Joining the Dragonfish network offers up suitable bonuses such as refer-a-friend bonuses for an online bingo sites players, whilst also entitles online bingo sites to other perks and privileges that are only available to those sites on the network.

Dragonfish also offers clients the option of going it alone with their Bingo Flex program, that is essentially a games only package.

This program gives clients access to Dragonfish’s rewarding bingo platform but requires that an online bingo site uses its own back office. It is a suitable operation for those online bingo sites who like their independence.

Dragonfish operate several high profile sites on their network and there are many more that utilize only the Bingo program.