Free Bingo Cards and Free Bingo Reload Bonuses 2024

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One of the advantages of playing Bingo online is the number of Free Bingo Cards that you can get, there are many ways that you can grab more than your fair share of these and below we will enlighten you on how to achieve this.

The first thing you should be looking for is a no deposit casino bonus, there is no shortage of Bingo sites out there who will flip you a free bonus to allow you to sample their games and by accepting a no deposit required bonus you can grab quite a few free cards.

They also offer players a new player welcome Bingo bonus and this will allow you to give your initial deposit a very welcome boost and as such you will have plenty of extra money to grab even more free Bingo cards.

The free money doesn’t end there as they also offer ongoing Bingo bonuses throughout the week which will give you even more access to additional free bingo cards, life cannot get any better than this!

If you like playing Bingo but in a more social type of surrounding then you should consider playing in their Chat Bingo games, these are very social as you can fully interact with your fellow players via the chat room and you will be playing for extra benefits and bonuses.

Many online Bingo sites also set aside a time zone when you can log on and play completely free of charge, they also have cash prizes during these free zones so you could even walk away with cash without having to spend a cent, look out for these special games you have nothing to lose!

Free Bingo Reloads

The best way to get an extended Bingo session when playing Bingo online is to take full advantage of a Bingo sites’ reload bonus, this rewards you with free cash every time you make a deposit into your casino account and it is an excellent way to increase your chances of a Bingo win!

A lot of online Bingo sites offer reload Bingo bonuses, but you have to pick your Bingo site very carefully as many sites have what are known as house players, these are player who play Bingo for the Bingo site and this reduces the chances of real players like yourself winning the Bingo games.

So we have carefully vetted all of our top rated online Bingo sites to ensure that they do not employ any house players, and this means you stand a sporting chance of a winning session every time you log on to play.

Once you sign up as a real money player you will be sent out an e-mail newsletter directly from the Bingo site each month, now this newsletter is your key to these extra reload Bingo bonuses, so make sure it doesn’t land in your spam folder or you may miss out!

If you are an American player then you will be pleased to learn that they allow and accept all US based players and the currency used in the Bingo Hall site is US Dollars, so you will not be at the mercy of currency exchange rated when you make a deposit!

They also have a wide variety of slot games, video poker games and other casino games available, so if you fancy a change of pace or a break from playing Bingo then why not try out these games which all come with very high payout percentages.

Progressive Bingo

We will help you track down the best Progressive Bingo games via our guide below, which lists the best and top paying Bingo games that can be found online and this could be your key to a life changing jackpot win.

The key to winning these progressive jackpots is that you have to call house in a certain amount of numbers or less, so for example if you have to call house in 35 or less numbers then you have to mark off all of your numbers on any one card in, 35 or less numbers it is as simple as that.

Due to the sheer number of permutation possible on a Bingo card or ticket it can take quite a time for one lucky person to achieve this, but someone will, eventually hit it and when they do boy can they pick up a big win.

They also have their free to enter progressive jackpot game and this has a prize pool of an amazing $50,000, the best part of this progressive Bingo game is that it is free to enter, so you could win a stash of cash without ever spending a dime, now that is one deem you cannot and should not miss out on.

Don’t forget that you can also pre buy your Bingo cards and tickets for progressive Bingo games, so you do not need to be online when the game begins as the Bingo software will keep track of all of your tickets and should you win then the system will automatically call house for you.

Should you be lucky enough to hit a large Progressive jackpot win, then do not forget where the cash out button is, all of the Bingo sites we feature on our website will pay you rapidly so in no time at all you can be out there spending your Bingo winnings!

Have fun and here’s hoping you do indeed win a large progressive Bingo jackpot, someone has too and that lucky winner could be you!