Usa Bingo Withdraw Methods to withdraw quickly from your favourite bingo sites

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Withdrawing money from the bingo site is the most important thing to a player. Winning is always special but execute the winning amount and touching it always extraordinary. The winner can choose any suitable withdrawing method for him/her from the online bingo site. 

One has to enter the winning amount in the exact place and need to follow the rules regarding the withdrawal. It is very easy procedure but differs from person to person and also varies site to site.  Some site also has rules of bonus with the winning money.

Though the rules are very simple and straight forward but it needs to be understood properly because all of restrictions are also there. The depositing line must be accurate so that the refund can be processed.

Withdrawing process

Withdrawal is not that easy as it looks like. Clicking the “withdraw” is enough for requesting a withdrawal. Generally it takes three business days. One can change the status of withdrawing by requesting a reverse withdrawal which will cancel the request of withdrawing. But after these three business days no reverse withdrawal is possible and cashier will refund your bingo amount.

At the time of withdrawing the amount the player must ensure that the money is going to the right person.

All required document has to be submitted to confirm the identity of the person and to prove ownership of the credit/debit card. Approximately timescale for processing withdrawal is four to seven business days in case of credit or debit card and wire transfers.

Information required

Most of the US bingo sites need current photographic ID and proof of address at the time of creating the account or registration.

If the photographic ID is invalid or lapsed then the registration will be terminated. The ID must contain a visible name with signature on the document. General type of photographic ID

  1. Passport;
  2. Driver’s License;
  3. National ID Card etc.

Player must have given his/her home address or residential address to the site.  But this address proof has to be either a credit card or a bank statement or utility bill that is not old less than 3 months. Mobile phones bills are not accepted as address proof.

Credit/debit cards

A photo-state copy of the credit/debit card of both the sides which is used to fund your account is also necessary.

If the player has used more than a single credit or debit cards site may need all the related copies of the cards used. The card holder can block the 3 digit security code and the middle eight numbers of the card on of the hard copy.

Even the holder can block the 8 digit account number if he/she wishes. If the amount is too high the site can ask any further information at the time of withdrawing money like, notarized documentation.

The document must be completed by a Notary Lawyer or Notary public etc. so that he/she can certify that the signature on the document is authentic and legitimate.

The scanned copies of document or combination of documents are needed to be sent through email. It is recommended that those documents should be sent by separate emails for security reasons.

Some important notes

Maximum online bingo site has a minimum withdrawal amount limit which can be processed at one time. Even some sites have a fixed limit of withdrawing per day basis and also a member need to deposit a minimum amount of money before requesting a withdrawal.

If the withdrawing is based on some bonus amount then all the wagering related to bonus must be fulfilled before requesting a withdrawal. Generally all the withdrawal charge is free except the international bank transfer.