What are Proprietary Bingo Sites?

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When we play online bingo, we enjoy playing on sites that offer something totally unique. So many sites use the same software, offers and basically just feel like the same site. That’s why we’re here to tell you all about proprietary bingo software and the sites that use their own!

What are Proprietary Bingo Sites?

So let’s kick things off with the basics and define what this term means. Basically these sites use custom bingo software to give players a different kind of experience. Most operators use a software provider, like Dragonfish, that give their software to a range of different sites.

Propriety sites use standalone bingo software instead to create a unique design that can’t be found anywhere else. These are all pretty different, as you would expect, so they add a lot to the bingo landscape.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of using this Kind of Site?

We know that everything comes with pros and cons, so let’s explore a bit more in depth on them.


  • You’re getting something totally different compared to everything else that is out there on the market.
  • Bingo players that are tired of the usual software offerings from bigger networked sites can test out a new experience.
  • These developers tend to think outside the box and have more creative freedom over their games, which makes for more interesting options.
  • Instead of having lots of games that have similar themes from different developers, they have a smaller pool of unique games.
  • Their games have different jackpots and perks than you’re accustomed to.
  • Games aren’t networked with a lot of different sites, so you have a higher chance of being a winner.


  • You might have a smaller selection of games to pick from then on a bigger site.
  • Progressive jackpots may be smaller, as there are fewer players contributing to them.
  • There may not be as much variety or new games as you’re accustomed to.

For us, it really comes down to the kind of player that you are which will inform whether you enjoy using these sites or not. If you like a lot of choice, then these sites may not be for you, but if you’re willing to trade that for higher quality options, then they might just be.

Stand Alone Sites Vs. Big Networks Vs. A Mix of Both

As with most things, it’s not always about choosing one over the other, as there can be a mixture of these elements. Standalone sites have a lot of advantages, but a mixture can allow you to bring in more of the games you want to play and some bingo jackpots too. There are smaller networks that specialise in this kind of thing, bringing in the best of both worlds.

Some operators just don’t have the resources in house to create these games for themselves and rely on the relationships that they have with big operators. This means that they might not be able to make unique games, but they can still put in the unique promotions that help them to stand out.

If you prefer to just go for the straightforward options, then you may want to play with one or the other. Whichever site you choose to go for in the end, just make sure that they’re able to offer you good value for money.

Some people struggle with smaller standalone sites, because they don’t know if they’re really trustworthy or not. As long as they have a license and are fair play tested then you’ll be fine to play with them and make the most of their unique offerings.

Top Slot Games from Stand Alone Sites

These games come in a range of sizes and we’re always checking out the latest ones. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Golden Mile Slots

This retro styled game is filled with neon symbols that will have you feeling like you’re walking down the Las Vegas Strip. If you like games that really make an impression, then you will be head over heels for this game before you know it.

Our favourite element of this game is the mini game, which will allow you to test your luck against the dealer. This game is available to play over at mFortune now, make sure you claim your freebie and give it a go.

Come Win with Me

If you love reality television then you’ll love this fun slot game, head to the kitchen and get started. You’ll have to be the host with the most in this game, matching up food themed symbols left, right and centre. The game is super flexible, with more than enough options available to customise how much you want to spend.

This game is only available for players over at PocketWin, so make sure you head over there if you’d like to give it a go!

You really can’t go wrong with games from these sites, as they’re all created to the same high standard. Just look for the games that appeal to you most, then you can experience all the fun that they can offer.

Final Summary

We’re big fans of playing bingo and slots, so it’s great to see new additions to the market really bringing something new. These sites stand out from the crowd and that’s exactly what we want from them! It’s all too easy to become jaded with the same cookie cutter sites out there, all using the same software, so these sites get a thumbs up from us.