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Amigo Bingo
Amigo Bingo Review
600% bingo bonus and $50 free no deposit

The good people over at Amigo Bingo are coming up fast on the outside of some of the bigger name in online bingo. A funny, friendly vibrantly laid out site, really grabs the eye.

Nobody would blame you for being drawn into it; after all it’s why they make it look the way they do. You cannot help but be seduced by its quirky looks though, and before long you will find yourself signing up for your account.

Once you have you will be met by some fantastic sign up offers at Amigo Bingo. They offer the same bonus package as the folks over at Bingo Australia, giving you a 1000% welcome package.

Amigo Bingo Games

This breaks down the same as before and offers, 600% on your initial deposit, 400% on the next and finally 300% on every deposit made after that. This bingo site does not stop at that though, they just keep on giving.

They have regular Amigo Bingo bonus events to keep looking out for such as their top up Tuesdays and many more. This site really does make sure you are playing with at least three times the amount of money you put in, and that is their minimum!

Like many sites they give you some money to get playing with straight away, and with AmigoBingo that amount is the customary $20. With plenty of cheap tickets on offer for as low as £0.1/card, you can get plenty of fun and experience on this site, before the money runs out.

Bonuses and Offers

After you get set its time to start heading into the rooms and exploring Amigo Bingo. You are going to find this site packed full of that famous humour and banter. Their chat room hosts are unique to say the least and will provide hours of fun by themselves, let alone with the bingo games going on.

They manage to give you an atmosphere I am yet to match to any other site. This is not to say that other sites are not just as friendly, but the humour and unique outlook on the game of bingo really does make this a special online community.

This site gives you bingo at all hours, and rooms that cater to all tastes, experience levels and depending on how much you want to pay. Like many, they make sure they give their members a big style progressive jackpot to win, so you can definitely play for the big bucks with Amigo Bingo.

Promotions and Prizes

Rooms on offer include a huge high stakes $25,000 jackpot room, which we found to be particularly impressive. They also have another one of our favourites, the $750 jackpot coverall room, which is played every night and loads more.

You can even play in the free ‘candy room’ between midnight and 6pm every day. Perfect if you feel like taking it easy, enjoying some social time, or if you just need to practice your bingo game.

AmigoBingo gives you some great customer support, to compliment the huge bonuses and bingo rooms at Amigo Bingo. You can report issues via the live chat service, emails, and support tickets and over the phone.

This way you know that you are covered should any issues crop up. After all bingo goes on at all hours, so the support should as well.

One big factor these days with online bingo is what the site you’re playing offers you outside of your regular game. The ‘pokies’ Amigo Bingo Brings to the table are very impressive. You can play these on their own or as a mini game during bingo. Amigo Bingo have slot machines, lotto, scratch cards and more!

They offer really big jackpots with them to, some as high as $25,000, and the real beauty is they offer the same types of bonus days on these games as you can get on bingo. Another very strong offering that is well worth having an account with.