If you’ve been playing online bingo and slots games for a while, then you might have noticed that the name Microgaming tends to pop up quite a lot.

Microgaming is a specific kind of online gaming software designer, used on some of the most popular online bingo and slots formats online. But who exactly are Microgaming, and what makes Microgaming bingo so attractive to players?

These are the kinds of questions which we will try to answer in this article.
Introducing Microgaming software
As a developer, Microgaming is focussed specifically on card and slots games. In their portfolio, you can find more than a thousand unique and interesting designs.

Despite this, however, Microgaming have actually only made a very recent appearance onto the online bingo market, meaning that they are bringing lots of exciting and fresh new ideas into the mix. Despite being a small and relatively new fish in a rather large pond, Microgaming have already found success with a number of large and successful bingo sites.

Their propensity for offering high quality games, particularly casino games with massive jackpots, gives them the potential to become a big player in the game.

It also means that there are often new Microgaming bingo sites being set up every few weeks, so you get to enjoy the latest bingo bonuses on the market.
What makes Microgaming software unique?
Microgaming has plenty of new tricks up its sleeve which really help it to stand out on the online bingo market. To begin with, they use the very most up to date games in the industry, using a range of different languages for software.

This software is adapted for all different kinds of platforms, including Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, so no matter what you’re playing on, these games are optimised for you.

By combining all of these different software languages, Microgaming are able to produce some of the most cutting edge graphics available in the industry.

They are often known for producing slots games of a very high quality design, often with videos and background stories, and slots games with numerous bonus rounds.
What are some typical bonuses and games offered on sites using this software?
So what kinds of games can you find on these bingo sites? Many of your favourites can be found, such as Avalon II and The Dark Night Rises. One theme which is regularly found in these games is that they usually have a high number of bonus rounds, many of which are highly complex and complicated.

For example, Avalon II features no less than 8 bonus rounds, each with opportunities to pick up extra multipliers and money boosters.

Overall, Microgaming games are known for producing games with a very high Return to Player amount, which averages at around about 97%.
Top Microgaming sites
So, now that you know about the brand, you might want to try one of their sites out for yourself. Here are a couple of our favourite Microgaming sites for you to play and win loads of cash on online.

Mecca Bingo

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Spend just £10 and get up to £120

Kitty Bingo

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100% deposit bonus and 100 free spins

Lucky Pants Bingo

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200% Bingo Bonus on first deposit