Online Bingo

We go a step further than simply providing our readers with a list of the best overall bingo sites. Online bingo players are not all the same; they have different requirements and some things may be more important to them than others.

For example, if you live in America then there are some sites that you won’t be able to play at, so you’ll want to find the best sites that accept US players.

If you have a Mac, you’ll want to play at a site that is Mac compatible. You might prefer to play from your mobile device, in which case you’ll find a list of the leading mobile sites useful.

This is why we rank the top bingo sites in several different categories as well as ranking the best all round sites.

This will help you find a quality site that offers exactly what you are looking. All the categories that we currently cover are listed below, so please click a topic to visit the relevant page.

Online Bingo Websites

So which bingo website is right for you? There are so many bingo websites claiming to offer the best bingo bonus, the most free bingo money, the largest pay outs, the biggest bingo prizes and the most extensive range of games to play.

Here we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to choose which bingo website to play your bingo at by signing up with literally hundreds of online bingo websites ourselves.

After having had loads of fun extensively playing at each bingo website we reviewed and then showcased the best.

Hopefully our bingo website guide will help you choose the bingo website that suits you, what kind of sign-up bonus you want to initially go for and which monthly prizes and offers you think you’ll be able to take advantage of the most.

How We Rank Sites

In order to provide accurate information to our readers, we assess a large range of bingo rooms through a combination of testing and research.

We then evaluate what the sites have to offer players, looking at a wide range of different attributes, and rank them in the relevant categories.

This process ensures that we only recommend the very best sites to you, meaning you can be confident of a good experience if you join anywhere that we list here.

As online bingo is evolving all the time, it is important that we keep our lists up to date.

We do this by keeping track of any upgrades and changes that sites make and also looking at the many new sites that get launched.

If a previously unranked site makes significant improvements or a new site comes along that is of a particularly high standard, then we will look to include them in our recommendations.

Equally, if somewhere we rank highly lets its standards drop, then we will adjust their rankings accordingly or remove them completely.

Important Qualities of Bingo Sites

There are numerous factors that we take into consideration when ranking bingo sites. The relevance of each of these factors will depend somewhat on which category we are ranking them for.

Several sites will be ranked highly in a number of different categories, while others may only be ranked in one specific category. It all depends on exactly what they have to offer and how well they perform in certain areas.

On each of the individual category pages we have linked to above, we explain in detail about which qualities and attributes we feel are the most relevant for that category, and why.

So What is Online Bingo?

Over the past couple of years the online bingo community has grown in leaps and bounds with new bingo websites popping up all the time.

It’s now even easier to make new friends whilst playing bingo through the excellent online chat rooms that are available.

By far our favourite aspect of online bingo though is the fact that you can now play bingo at any time you want and not have to move from your home!

It’s so easy to start playing bingo these days that it’s highly likely that you could be playing Bingo in 10 minutes from now!

Here’s our a quick rundown of some of the games available in the world of online bingo.

Online Bingo Bonuses

Bingo websites are currently offering some of the best bingo special offers and new player promotions that the online bingo world has ever seen.

New online bingo players can now expect better cash matches and cash bonuses than even the top casinos are offering.

Free bingo cards, free bingo money, free bingo games and exclusive monthly prize draws are some of the fab specials that are available to new players!

The most popular bonus by far though is where you receive a ‘signing up’ bonus. This means that if you put a certain amount of money into your account, say £50, they will often match that amount and put another £50 in for you, giving you a total of £100 to play online bingo with!

This is known as a 100% initial cash match bonus, since they’ve matched 100% of what you initially deposited. Check out the latest offers on our free bingo money page.

Single Player Bingo

There are basically 2 types of online bingo, the single pllayer variety and multiplayer bingo. Single player online bingo allows you to purchase your cards with a range of numbers from either 1 to 75 or 90 depending on whether you’ve chosen to play 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo.

The games start with numbered balls being picked and once you have completed your card you have won.

Obviously the speed with which you complete the card is extremely important so you are in with a chance of winning a higher prize.

This type of game is usually instant win and while the jackpots vary through a number of online bingo websites the average prize for this type of game is about £25,000.

Multiplayer Bingo

The other type of game you can play is multiplayer bingo which has proven to be the more popular game when playing online.

Unlike the single player game, multiplayer bingo means that you are up against a number of other people who happen to be online and playing.

The more people that are in the game means that there is a higher jackpot but you need to be quick to complete your card in order to win.

With the increase in popularity of online bingo chat rooms, this game provides a great way of not only playing bingo but also making a few new friends online or setting up games with all of your friends.

Bingo Pattern Games

Bingo pattern games occur in 75 ball bingo are the actual patterns that the numbers you cross off your bingo card must make according to the particular rules of the game being played.

A bingo player is able to win a pattern game when they cover every cell of that specific pattern with numbers called.

Check out our bingo patterns page for a complete rundown of all the bingo pattern games that are currently being played.