90 Ball Bingo

With 90 Bingo balls in use on this version of Bingo you will find plenty of entertainment value available and due to the sheer number of Bingo ball in use you will find much larger jackpots available in 90 ball Bingo games.

Bingo cards purchased in the game of 90 ball Bingo will have 15 numbers printed on, these are in three rows across the card and you will be awarded a prize if you are the first Bingo player to get a line across, then two lines across and finally a full house which is when you manager to mark off all the numbers on your Bingo card.

There will often be a progressive type of jackpot associated with 90 ball Bingo, and how this works is that the Bingo hall you are playing in will award a jackpot if you manage to call house (cross off all numbers on your Bingo card) in a certain number of Bingo ball called, if no one manages to do this then the jackpot rises and rolls over to the next game.

This means this progressive jackpot can and does keep rising until one lucky player does indeed manages to call house in the allocated number of Bingo balls called.

When playing 90 ball Bingo online the price of the Bingo cards will vary from Bingo site to Bingo sites and can often be as low as 1 cent per card, so you will never break your bank playing it!

Unlike 75 Ball Bingo, where there are loads of different Bingo Patterns to play, the majority of 90 Ball Bingo games will only consist of 3 different patterned games:

Single Line Across Single Line Across
This is where the person who crosses off 5 numbers horizontally wins the game.
Two Lines Across Two Lines Across
This is the same as the single line but with two lines (10 numbers horizontally).
Full House Full House
The winner of this game is when you cross of the three full lines on the one card.

90 Ball Bingo is gaining increasing interest in the UK, and in fact quickly becoming the preferred leisure activity of women between the ages of 20 to 25.

During the last 5 years, the game has grown to be a phenomenon in the UK and is keeping a lot of British men and women alike thoroughly entertained (while the summer passes by as little more than a grey cloud)!

In addition, because of the astonishing growth of online 90 Ball bingo in the UK, a number of online giants such as Yahoo!, AOL and Virgin to name but a few, have ventured into the market of managing their own online bingo.

As you’ll notice, each row has only five numbers spread across the full nine spaces, leaving the remaining four spaces blank.

The numbers range from 1 to 90, the first column using the range 1-10, the second, numbers 11-20, the third, 21 to 30…you get the picture, up until the 9th column.

As the dealer calls the numbers, the players score each number called on their cards. The first player who completes each of three patterns shouts out “Bingo!”. As the win is confirmed, a new game begins.

The three classic patterns in 90 Ball Bingo are ‘1 Line’, ‘2 Line’ and ‘Full House’.

The first player who completes a horizontal line of called numbers wins ‘1 Line’, the first to complete two horizontal lines wins ‘2 Lines’ and, the player who manages to complete all three lines wins the ‘Full House’. Prizes for each of the 3 patterns increase in value with the principle prize reserved for the Full House winner.

In 90 Ball bingo, a player can cover up to 48 tickets! Players can also buy a strip of six tickets which cover all numbers from 1 to 90, she is therefore bound to score out (mark) a number every time a bingo call is made.

90 Ball bingo is easier than 75 Ball bingo, because there are no complicated patterns to follow. The game is also conducted at a more leisurely pace than the 75 Ball version (while not taking any of the excitement out of it!).

90 Ball Online Bingo

90 Ball Bingo is the game that has traditionally been played throughout the bingo halls of the UK and also in Australia.

The game is basically similar to the 75 Ball Bingo version in that you have to buy your ticket and then mark off the numbers as they are called out with the person who completes the game in the quickest time.

There are various jackpots up for grabs so have a look through the various ones on offer before playing.

Given that the basic structure is the same as the 75 Ball Bingo game, there are still quite a few differences you need to be aware of before playing.

  • The 90 ball game cards have nine columns with three rows of numbers on them.
  • Only 5 squares in each row contain numbers from 1-90 while the remaining squares
    on the card are left blank.
  • The game is played with strips of six tickets with all of the 90 numbers being spread
    across the 6 tickets (a Strip).
  • If a Strip is played in one bingo game then every possible number from 1-90 is covered and therefore, a number is crossed off at each bingo call.
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