Free Bingo Games for Cash at Posh Bingo

Posh Bingo is the latest online bingo site to leave a network of sites and re-launch itself as a standalone site. As you would expect the website has undergone a total makeover too and now definitely fits the name Posh Bingo more with its new chic image.

All new players who register at Posh Bingo receive cash match welcome bonus on their first deposit of between £10 and £100. So, make a deposit of £20 and receive an additional £40 free. Your future deposits will receive a cash match bonus on deposits of £10 or more.

One of the popular new features of the revamped site is that they offer players the chance to play free bingo in 3 rooms, the Freebies and Cash Crazy rooms offer bingo 24 hours a day. Although the jackpot prizes are small, it doesn’t cost you a penny to play. There is also a free £30 guaranteed jackpot game played every night at 8.30pm in the Daily Dosh room.

These rooms can be accessed from the Free Bingo tab in the games lobby. Other tabs in the games lobby include the 3-2-1 room where tickets cost 1p, 2p, 3p each, 5p and 10p rooms as well as the Posh room where bingo ticket prices range up to £2 for those players who like to play for the bigger jackpots. There are four guaranteed jackpot games which can be found in the Pre-Buy games lobby.

You could win yourself £3,000 in the Make a Mint game which is played on the last Friday of every month. There is also the Dreams of Dosh game which is played every Friday with a starting jackpot of 1 million with a minimum jackpot of £500. The Upgrade and The Boutique games are played on alternate Thursdays at 8pm.

As well as the guaranteed jackpot games there are two progressive jackpots to play for, the Stiletto jackpot in the 75 ball bingo rooms and the S-t-r-e-t-c-h Limo jackpot in the 90 ball bingo rooms. These both currently stand at over £1,000 so I would expect them to go soon.

The Stiletto jackpot game is played several times an hour every night between 7pm and midnight whereas the Limo jackpot is played for every game.

Posh Bingo Chat Games

Posh Bingo, the site for bingo snobs is a bingo site with a lot to offer, not only do they give you free money and a 100% cash match bonus but they also have some superb promotional prizes that can be won in their 75 ball and 90 ball bingo rooms. These rooms are run really well but some of the friendliest CM’s you will find. One of their main duties is running these excellent chat games.

Posh Bingo 75 Ball Games:

Horse Race – Pick any of the B numbers and try and fill the row of numbers under it, if you call first you win 1000 loyalty points.
Hot Potat”o” – Bingo and B, I, N or G to win 1000 loyalty points. if you are lucky enough to bingo on O you will win an extra thousand every time O is called in the next 5 games.
“in” to Win – Choose a number under I and another from under N, if your numbers are the first to both be called you win 1000 loyalty points.
Leap Frog – Help one of your room mates win with this one. The last digit of whatever number you bingo on is the number of leaps upwards the win goes.
Lower Buddy – Nice and simple this one, if you bingo the name below you in the chatters list wins 1000 loyalty points.
Lucky Number – Give you CM a number, when it is called simply type lucky # to win.
Tag – After you bingo name any other player in the room to win 1000 loyalty points.
Treasure Chest – Choose a number between 1 – 75 and the CM with tell you if you have won a Pearl worth 1000, a Ruby worth 2000 or a Diamond worth 3000 loyalty points.
Upper Buddy – When you bingo the person above you in the chatters list wins 1000 loyalty points.

Posh Bingo 90 Ball Games:

Bingo Trivia – Win a full house and answer a question to win you and a friend 1000 loyalty points each.
Find a Friend – Win a game and choose a friend to win the prize.
Half Dozen – Win on any game that is a multiple of 6 and the prize is yours.
Higher or Lower – Guess if the number called after your bingo win is going to be higher or lower, get it right and win 1000 loyalty points.
Kick Ball – If you win on an even number the chatter above you wins, win on an odd number the money goes to the person below you.
Nothing to Lose – Win on a number ending in 0 and you and the 2 players either side of you in the chat list all win.
Pot of Gold – If you win you get the pot of gold, it is passed on to each game winner and the player left holding the pot at the end of the hour wins 5000 loyalty points.
Seven Up – Win a game and the player seven up from you in the chatters list will win the prize.
Take 5 – Choose a number between 0 and 9, if all of the numbers ending in nine are called first you will win.
Three’s for Me – Win a full house with a number 3 in it at Posh Bingo and not only will you win but the three people above and below you in the chatters list win too.