Using Online Bingo to Relieve Stress

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Everybody has ways to let off steam. I play video games, I go for walks, I read. If life’s getting you down, maybe you are struggling at University, maybe you are having a hard time with the other half, or work is dragging you to the doldrums.

However, it would be ill-informed of me to suggest using Gambling as a means to relieve stress.

I spoke to a friend recently – a heavy gambler – and he was trying to sell the idea of gambling to me as “he never had any worries”.

Yeah right, I said, he must be broke most of the time, I see how often he wins!

The way I see it, beating stress is about finding things which make you happy and take your mind off the stressful stay.

Is potentially frittering away your money the smartest way to do that?

Though I would NEVER recommend the Slot Machines or the Dogs to try and relieve stress, at least with Bingo you get the social aspect of seeing your friends or regulars, and a chance to talk about stuff.

Use it as a mild time-killer, a chance to meet some cool people, rather than your one excuse to get out of the stressful situations in your life.

With people reporting that playing bingo consistently has helped their heart and mind improve their condition.

Having that littler flutter in your heart every now and then is a good thing – it keeps it active! – And using your mind to try and work everything out and stay cool is obviously good.

It’s like going on the punch bag for your brain.With online bingo however, there is no real mental need to keep dabbing off your numbers as it is all automated online.

Is this the best way to keep you mentally fit? Surely the actual requirement to be active in the game is the best part of Bingo?

If you have a group of people you get on well within the bingo hall nearby, go there instead of playing online.

Not only will you sharpen your mental skills, you will have the chance to see some friends and relieve stress.

Sitting in a dark room in the house, playing constant rounds of bingo, losing all your money, not saying a word? I strongly advise you avoid it.

Given the impulse to have an “accident” happen to the sharer of your big load, or having one or two to go and not having them come up, I’d certainly put bingo in the “Maybe” column as a full-time stress reliever though!