Quality Bingo is one of UK’s best known and trusted online bingo sites

Get ready for a whole new bingo neighbourhood called Quality Bingo, a place with an impressively catchy name! Sometimes you can make certain assumptions about general quality by something’s name because the top-drawer names on the Web can cost a pretty penny, indeed. The Quality Bingo brand will garner attention on its super name alone, but let’s take a look at what its ‘‘hood’ has to offer new players.

There’s a handy ‘what-why-who-how’ section at the bottom of the Quality Bingo.com homepage where you can get the basics about how this new site is approaching its role and niche. The focus is on community, free and low-priced bingo in a variety of games and guaranteed jackpots of £5000 (but the progressive jackpot can pay out £50k!).

There are also some nice side-lanes, shall we say, in the Quality Bingo neighbourhood that will surely make it a popular place to ‘move in’: every night there is a ‘Quality Treats’ contest in which you can win £100 vouchers. Loyalty, as in any comfy living arrangement, is a big deal here: You will get a bingo bonus on your first deposit and participate in the special shake the signpost game to win £5 absolutely free!

Everything on this Street of bingo is themed according to being homey and familiar. The site’s own bonus points system is called Joy Points. Not surprisingly, the friend referral programme is no small thing for this bright new bingo website: to bring one of your favourite people into the neighbourhood yields you the equivalent of £20 in Joy Points, and many other gifts and specials throughout the site use this home-grown bingo currency to distribute the good vibes.

People who play bingo with PayPal do like a bit of variety, so, the urban planning of the Quality Bingo community includes many places to play instant-win games like scratch cards and casino games, for those who like the faster pace of a downtown area.

Quality Bingo is a lot of fun indeed. If you are someone who wants your bingo experience to be full of fun and excitement, and if you want it to be profitable as well, then Quality Bingo.com is definitely the place for you.

As you visit the Home page of this website, you immediately feel good and happy as it is bright and colorful – there is very little clutter as can be found in so many bingo domains now. You can immediately see the bingo halls and the current jackpot amounts. There is a live chat too available right at the Home page itself, and it is a Bingo site that accepts PayPal!

What’s really fun if you are sizing up a new bingo website — and this new one is very likely to become highly appraised, perhaps even picking up the nicknames Street Bingo or just ‘The Street’ in time — is to check out its Winners’ page. Quality Bingo lists current winners from £40 up to over £1000. After all, those are your role models as citizens in this new online village of fun!

The bingo rooms at the website are all open 24/7. So, you can play absolutely anytime you want. There are as many as 3, 75 ball rooms at the website, and there is 1 90 ball bingo room. Tickets will cost you anything between 5 cents to 25 cents. There are free rooms too where the jackpot is fixed at $100. In all paid bingo rooms at Quality Bingo, the jackpots are progressive. There are however, fixed jackpots too in these rooms.

There is also the newly introduced Chat Special Games section at the 90 ball room. Here, the minimum prize amount is £5. Games that you will find here are – Four Square, Birthday Bingo, Odd/Even and Best Mates. These games have become extremely popular among gamers from the UK in recent times.

There are plenty of other games too at Quality Bingo, and these games offer a lot of excitement and fun too.