Mobile Bingo on your Phone

The advancement of technology and the global information revolution have worked together to bring almost everything to one’s fingertips. It is now possible to pay your bills and visit a bingo parlor or an online casino from your mobile phone.

Bingo players in particular benefit from the opportunity to play mobile bingo using their phones as it allows them to access their favorite bingo games and bingo sites while on the move.

Best Mobile Friendly Bingo Site:

It is also convenient to play games on your mobile phone as you can do it while traveling or while waiting in lien somewhere. Mobile bingo permits players to play bingo wherever they want and whenever they want.

Bingo players will be able to access real money mobile bingo ages and win genuine cash prizes. Some of the best mobile bingo portals that players can try out, include Mint Bingo and Bonnie bingo.

Mint Mobile Bingo

Mint Bingo really knows how to get their bingo players lined up and offer some amazing bingo games and a great selection of bingo prizes. Most of these games and offers are available to players who log onto the Mint Bingo site via their mobile phones.

Mint Mobile Bingo gives players a sign up bonus of £10 without registration, a 100% deposit bonus up to £50 and £20 cash back if you refer a friend. They also run a competition every 2 weeks where you can win an Xbox 360 or some other great prizes.

Some of the other great offers that mobile bingo players will enjoy at the Mint Bingo site include Super Prize Night, where you can start playing bingo with cards priced at 1p and end up with loads of cash and perfumes from Dolce and Gabbana or Ralph Lauren if you win! Another great bingo offer, is the Thank Mint it’s Friday. Here, players who manage to crack a riddle every Friday will get to win £250 – it is really that easy!

There’s also a huge prize of £10,000 up for grabs for just £1 every week at the big money game where you can play 90 ball bingo. Players will have three chances to win at this game, where a single line will win them £1,000 and two lines pay out £3,000; players will get £6,000 for a full house.

Bonnie Mobile Bingo

Bonnie Bingo has its own style and a fun set of amazing games that players can access from their mobile phones. One of the exciting offers here is the FortuneCookie game, where bingo players will get paid £50 while answering a phone call. FortuneCookie will call players at 8 pm on Thursdays, if they have played for £20 between Monday to Wednesday and nay player who answers the phone with this statement will get the money. Players who spend £40 during the week may receive a £100 bonus phone call.

Players at the Bonnie bingo site can also try their luck at winning £500 gift vouchers from Marks and Spencer or Boots and Comet. Bingo players will be able to get great spa products, gorgeous clothes or a laptop for just playing bingo at the £500 Vouchers room. Another great offer here is the guaranteed prize of £2,500 or the sliding jackpot of £50,000 available at the Win £50,000 room every Friday at 10 pm for just £1 per card.