Wink Bingo are one of the best loved and popular online bingo sites around at the moment

You will find both the traditional form of the game 90 ball bingo and the fun 75 pattern ball bingo to play at their site. Wink Bingo currently brings you 19 bingo rooms to choose from and more are planned to open in the near future. Wink Bingo run on Globalcom software which means you will be in for some sleek graphics and smooth online bingo play.

All new players are welcomed with a great spinning bonus from Wink Bingo. Sign up with them and make a first deposit of £10 into your account and not only will this be met with a 200% bonus, but you will get to spin the wink wheel – where a further bonus between £15 and £1,000 will fall into your account. Plus, all subsequent deposits are met with a super 50% bonus every single time. This all goes towards giving you loads of online bingo play for your money!

Wink Bingo Games

Wink Bingo are now the home to an array of massive guaranteed bingo games every single month. In fact Wink Bingo have so many different guaranteed bingo clubs to select from you really are spoilt for bingo choice and they have mixed these up for both variations of the bingo game.

You are able to pre buy your tickets into all of these great games at any time during the month, which means you will never have to miss out on the opportunity to win big when playing here. If that was not enough then you will also find at Wink Bingo a weekly £1 million and a monthly £5 million jackpot games to take part in and both of these super games come with guaranteed £500 cash prizes attached to them.

Another great feature at Wink Bingo is their 10% cash back for life offer and this means if you play here on any given week and you come out at a loss, then they will give you back 10% of your losses. Some fantastic monthly promotions and specials also play at Wink Bingo each month and these bring you the chance to win some amazing prizes.

You will currently find four bingo rooms to choose from here offering you 90 & 75 ball bingo play. Bingo room is where most of the action takes place as this is the room where you will find super, top of the hour, day week and month games playing that will bring you great cash jackpots to play for.

As the name suggest on their next bingo room “Cheap as chips” bingo, that is exactly what you will find to play as you can effectively play for one whole hour each day for free here and be in with the chance of winning real cash prizes.

Elimination bingo is like no other online bingo game you would have played on the net as it is the only bingo game that I have ever played where you need to mark the least amount of numbers of your bingo card to beat the little devil and win.