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Amigo Bingo are celebrating in great style all this month as it is the anniversary of their first birthday. It hardly seems a year ago that they first launched onto our computer screens and since then I have seen them go from strength to strength.

To celebrate this great event, Amigo Bingo have just upped their free bingo sign up bonus they offer you from $10 to $20 free and no deposit at all is needed to receive this. Just register at their site, activate your account and the money will be there waiting for you to use.

There will be no better time than now to take them up on this fab offer as a month long party is taking place here with all sorts of goodies and cash up for grabs. Here are just some of the great events going on around Amigo Bingo this month.

Birthday Bingo Card will be playing in the Village Inn bingo room daily, between 6pm and 7pm. If you win bingo on a number that is on their special Bingo Birthday Card, you can win extra cash on top of the game pot this month. All the birthday numbers are listed on their forum, so if you would like to see what numbers you need to aim for then you can check them out here.

At 10pm every day a birthday celebration game will play will take place and any player that wins on this game will also walk away with an extra $30 on top of their game prize win. Great birthday patterns will also play at random throughout this month to and if you win bingo on one of these you would have got yourself into a great prize draw where you could win some fab goodies.

If you would like to see the full detailed promo run down taking place this month, just head on over to Amigo Bingo and have a look! One thing is for sure, there will be lots of great online bingo fun to be had at their site!

US Bingo Amigo Bingo Style

One of the latest online bingo sites in the US today is the fresh Amigo. US has become a booming market of online bingo. We’ve seen so many new online bingo companies making their way into the US and that includes Amigo.

This latest online bingo site has something unique to offer as compared to the rest of the online bingo networks of today. It gives extra dimension to all the online bingo enthusiasts of this generation. Let’s take a look at what Amigo Bingo has to offer.

Unlike other online bingo sites, Amigo is offering its bingo members a virtual village or community. Yes, it’s like a virtual neighborhood, as the site’s name implies. The bingo members can create their homes in the village.

This is an added dimension to one of the most popular online games in the US which is bingo. It’s truly one of a kind as no other bingo network has done this before.

On the other hand, it’s not as easy to get a home at Amigo Bingo as you might think. Like in acquiring a home in real life, you have to earn it. At the same time, you will be given keys when you are ready to get your new virtual home.

To be able to get a virtual home of your own, you will need to make three deposits until you earn your key to your virtual home. So what happens when you get your virtual home? It’s like you’re in another world.

You get a second life in the world of online bingo. You get to go around your neighborhood and make friends with your neighbors. You can also host parties and even host bingo games privately.

At the same time, you also get to improve your home over time. The longer you’ve lived in your home, the more it gets improved. Those who have lived longer in their virtual homes get to have a brilliant gold castle in time.