What Makes A Good Bingo Site and Bingo Bonus?

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Depending on your outlook this can be a few factors, it all boils down to what do you expect to gain from your bingo site of choice, its personal preference as what may sell a site to one person may drive another away.

When it comes to really selling a bingo site the majority of providers tend to stick to a few common ideas, these are technology, compatibility with mobiles, the library of games available and the types of bonuses or promotions to take advantage of.

For the sake of argument here’s a small selection of sites that contain all of these factors.

The best thing about signing up to a bingo site is all the different bonuses and promotions you can get your hands on.

One deal, in particular, that’s a big selling point to players is the first deposit bonus that a lot of sites provide.

What Is This Bonus?

The first deposit bingo bonus is fairly easy to figure out, it’s basically bonus cash that’s added on top of your first deposit on a site.

It lets you get some extra cash to burn through on a bingo site and almost every bingo site in the industry has their own unique approach to this bonus in terms of the size and maximum amount of cash you can pick up.

So you could find a small first deposit bonus on one site like 25%, then you could go over to a different brand and find a much larger 500% bonus or more.

The difference in sizes you can encounter is a great feature of this offer as it encourages you to shop around to find the best bonus for you.

What Do the Percentages Mean?

The percentages that this bonus shows off are relatively easy to follow as they stand for the amount of bonus cash you will get out of your deposit.

So for example, if you were to join a bingo site that was going to give you a 200% bonus when you make your first deposit, you would get that first top up plus an extra 200% in extra cash added to it.

What this means is, if you were to deposit £20 this bonus would give you an extra £40 which in turn means you would have £60 to blow through on your bingo site.

What Are The Common Wagering Requirements?

To get your hands on this offer you normally have to meet a minimum wagering requirement on a bingo site, what that means is you need to deposit a specific amount to trigger it.

The most common amount the majority of sites ask for to unlock your 1st deposit bonus bingo offer is a tiny £10, although some sites do ask for less.

The amount you have to pour in depends on the site, so it’s worth shopping around for the best offer.

Which sites have the Lowest Wagering Requirements?

Since the amount you have to deposit can vary from site to site we thought we would get you on the right track by providing a short list of sites with the best first deposit bingo bonus for relatively low wagering requirements.