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The question comes up again and again: how much can bingo and slots players expect to win, anyway? To which, we say, it may be better to ask, ‘If you could expect any given return, wouldn’t it be boring to buy online bingo cards or slot coins?’

Still it’s important to know roughly what to expect, in order to stay in control. So should you expect to win?

How much will you win (or lose)?

Our infographic compares your chances of winning and losing in different bingo-related games:

Keep Bingo Exciting

Truthfully, there is a relationship between loss and excitement when it comes to wagering money — even if it’s just buying bingo cards to sit and play, yourself.

Yes, there are certain percentages that we can point out, numbers pertaining to the average amounts usually returned to normal players, under normal conditions.

But you can see how vague we have to be, to discuss such a value — it is called RTP, or the return-to-player percentage.

Regardless of that figure, which is a RTP of 40%-50% for online and mobile bingo, there are just too many factors involved to really predict your winnings and losses.

Different Perspectives

Some sources of gaming advice would have us believe that the odds of losing are so very high (as opposed to an RTP of around 95% for casino side-games often found with bingo) that one should essentially look at the game as entertainment.

As a form of, say, interactive entertainment plus a social space (much like an online community pub or coffee shop), buying bingo cards is more like buying entrance or attendance to something or somewhere, to pass time.

This is, by the way, a creative way to think about what would otherwise be a poor bet. How else can we reconcile the immense pleasure and thrills and laughs in playing online/mobile bingo with the costs in time and money?

Spend Wisely, Maybe Win

That’s why it’s best to look at it as a form of entertainment, which profits you in fun time no matter whether you win anything or not.

To that end, we recommend playing only as much bingo as the money that you have in hand (as fun-budget money) will buy tickets when you begin your session.

It helps to maintain a separate alternative payment method — a cash-funded, anonymous account for Web purchases of all kinds – in which you keep money just for bingo entertainment. That way, you know exactly how much you spend.

Some people prefer to delimit the time they spend playing instead of the money they spend on it (using the general assumption that the more time they play the more they spend and the more will be lost ultimately).

So, as we’re suggesting, it’s best to think of bingo as a form of interactive entertainment, with a virtual place built into it, including the chatting features found on all top online bingo destinations.

Just Fun after All

This particular entertainment does, after all, hold the possibility for wins of either a large or even moderately large size! But we think you should probably just think of that possibility as a bonus (like winning a TV show’s real-time contest for home viewers).

Sure, you can play bingo thinking in terms of what you will (or can) win. You’ll be happy if you win, and that may only happen the minority of the time overall — so, hypothetically, overall, you would be non-happy while playing bingo.

If, on the other hand, you simply play to enjoy, chalking up your cash outlay on bingo cards as a merely budgeted fun spending, you still have that possibility of a win in the wings: then we think this is the most winning way to play.