Playing Mini Games at Online Bingo Sites in 2021

Mini games are also called side games and they are available at every online bingo site. They consist of slots, scratch cards, keno and perhaps even video poker or blackjack, and other instant win type games.

They differ from standalone slots in that these games are able to be played while you are playing bingo.

So picture this, you are in a bingo chat room, you´re the game is playing and you are chatting to your roomies.

You feel like playing a slot game to while away the time while the numbers are being called, so you click to open one of the selection of mini games and it opens into your bingo screen, in its own little screen on the side.

Now you are chatting, playing bingo, perhaps even participating in a chat game, you have your slots or other side game open and effectively you are multitasking at its best, and everyone does this.

It is amazing what technology and the advent of high speed broadband has brought into our homes!

Many players win and win quite handsomely when they play mini games, some of these games may even be linked to progressive jackpot prizes.

Earlier in this piece I mentioned standalone games, these games are the same sot of offering that is a mini game.

It is just that they have their own section of the site and they are played separately to bingo.

In other words they open up into their own window, much like a game of bingo does, hence the name “standalone.

It is here that you will find some of your favorite games features and many online bingo sites offer separate sections for slots, video poker, arcade, skill and casino table games.

Other sites may have these all bunched together and some site has few while other have tons of different games to choose from.

These games cam be quite faddy, in other words if there is a trend going on in they UK and everyone is mad about it, a game come out and everyone goes mad to play it.

Playing Mini Games

The current faddy game is X Factor steps to stardom and I am not sure if you can play it as a mini game, but I do know that you can find it being promoted on every online bingo site in the UK.

The reason is obvious, because of the new season of X Factor, and some of the great X Factor and other prizes which can be won while playing this game.

There is a slot and a scratch card for your entertainment delight, and I have to say that in all the years I have been writing about bingo, I have never seen such a frenzy over a game, so it is rally good to play.

Other favorites in the past have been Big Brother and games that fit in with the themes of movies such as the Hulk, Fantastic Four, and of course Lara Croft.

Some old stalwarts that are still popularly played are Monopoly, Cleudo, Deal or No Deal Classic Slots and Price is Right, however these games differ in that they don´t come and go in popularity, they are and always will be favorites.

Mini games in the bingo room are usually a cross section of the games you may find in the standalone section.

They may be changed or added to from time to time, but they are always a great way to kill a bit of extra time in the bingo room while waiting for the numbers to be called.