Brand New Bingo Sites for March 2021

During the past month we have been informed about the creation of several brand new bingo sites. Each has come with their own stance on online bingo… and some bingo sites have gone further by launching some completely new innovations never seen previously.

Bonnie Bingo – 5 Free Bingo Tickets & 20 Free Spins

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Bonnie Bingo has just opened its doors. They have a totally free £10 bingo bonus, with deposit needed. Register an account and start to enjoy their six different bingo rooms, and cutting-edge the best bingo software.

Free bingo money is a big deal. At Bonnie Bingo, you get to play free bingo games 24 hours a day, and play in their special instant bingo tournaments!

Bonnie Bingo is a hot bingo site that runs free bingo games all day, every day (free bingo)!

In addition to free bingo, a 5 Free Bingo Tickets & 20 Free Spins. At Bonnie Bingo, you can capture a bit of sunshine with their free games or their sweet selection of bingo games, bingo tournaments, progressive jackpot games, and tons of great prizes!

Playing at New Bingo Sites

Many people play internet bingo in the wee hours of the morning, or even in the middle of the night. There doesn’t seem to be any particular time that playing internet bingo is better than another, however, for some people there are perfect times.

A good example would be for the mother. The best time a mother could focus on internet bingo and increase her chances of winning by giving the game her undivided attention would be while her kids are in school.

In addition, the best time to play internet bingo seems to be when the bingo rooms are a little less crowded. This offers a much higher chance of beating the odds and winning the jackpot.
After all, if you are playing against 40 people, you have a much lower chance of winning than if you are playing against 10.

These are just some simple rules of thumb. The truth is you can win no matter what time you choose to play.

The basic idea is to find a time when there aren’t many people in the bingo room you are in, and a time when you can focus 100% of your attention on the game. Conversely, if you are not in a position to focus all of your attention on the game, or if you feel you could become distracted, the auto daub feature will help take some of the weight off your shoulders, in terms of having to pay close attention.

No matter when you choose to play, the chances of you winning are only as great as you think they are! Attitude is one of the single most important aspects of winning at internet bingo.