Win $1,600 cash in Bingo Fest New Year Bingo Tourney!

There’s no better way to celebrate the New Year than by grabbing yourself an exciting bingo win of $1,600. That’s right – as the new year rolls in, we’re offering you the chance to get your hands on a ton of wintery fun in our New Year Bingo Tourney event this January.

The tourney will take place throughout the month running from Monday to Thursday each week. To join, all you need to do is head on over to the New Year’s bingo room and you can join in the event as the Top of the Hour game for some fun times and epic wins

The games are going to be played as high or low games at the top of every hour and there’s a top prize of $50 up for grabs. Don’t worry, this New Year we’re feeling generous too as there’s a minimum win of $10 in play.

On top of that, the games use winter bingo patterns for that wintery spirit. Cards cost just $0.25 a card and you can get more chances to win with a special Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer.

Better still, the top fifty players who win on these patterns will also get part of the tournament prize. That’s right, there are additional prizes to be grabbed on top of those you win in each game! The top player will receive a massive $1,600 in cash; the runners up get theirs as free-play bonus.

Win big in our Diamond Bingo Sale!

It’s the New Year and things often start off slow, but we’re here to make sure that your 2021 starts with a bang! In honor of this new year, we’re running our Diamond Bingo Sale each week running from Tuesday to Thursday. That’s right, it’s a sale on bingo cards!

This sale will occur every week in January, so join the fun. All you need to do is head over to the Diamond bingo room between 6:00PM EST and 12:00AM EST to get in on the action. We’ve got a range of different games on the go in the room and the cards, no matter the game, are $0.25 each.

The games are all starting $50.00 games along with multi-part $5.00/$10.00/$25.00 games, a multi-part $5.00/$15.00/$35.00 games, and a multi-part $5.00/$20.00/$50.00 games, so you have a lot of different options for you to enjoy when you enter the Diamond bingo room.

Despite all the cards being offered for the sale price, you’ll still get the same value prizes as if these cards were full price. It’s a pretty exciting deal to be enjoying in the colder month of January 2021.