Join Bingo Fest for some fun bingo in the Spring Bingo Room

As the cold days of winter melt away and the spring flowers start to bloom again, join us for some fun new bingo in the Spring Bingo Room. Ready to make those Monday blues blow away? Look no further than our one off, Love Mondays bingo event taking place at 4:00PM EDT on Monday, April 20th.

We’re here to help you get rid of those horrible Monday feelings. And we’re doing that by offering you the chance to join in on our $1,000 Coverall Min $100 bingo games. These exciting bingo games will play as top of the hour free games, continuing on until 11:00PM EDT.

All cards are priced at just $1 each, and especially with that massive prize up for grabs, it’s a clear bargain. To make it even more worth your while, we’re also offering you the chance to get your hands on even more cards with our Buy 6 Get 3 Free promotion.

This one-off event is ready and waiting for you to join up. There are no eligibility requirements to join, all you need is to have an account with us. Deposit some cash into it and you’re ready to buy those bingo cards and get ready to match up those numbers!

Celebrate April Fool’s Day and win more for less

Contrary to what you might believe, this is not a trick! This April Fools’ Day we’re offering up an exciting bingo cycle. The special will take place in the Nickel Bingo Room on Wednesday, April 1 EDT and will offer you two whole hours of non-stop bingo running from 7:00PM EDT through to 9:00PM EDT.

What’s really great about this special is that all the cards are going for really low prices, and yes, that’s real! All the bingo cards in our April Fools’ Special will cost only $0.05 per card.

There’s a great mix of fun games to play including $25 Guaranteed games, Starting $5 games and our Crazy April Fools’ games which will have a starting pot of $100. This pot will slowly start to drop as the numbers are called until someone has won it or it finally reaches the minimum prize of $10, so go get playing!

Unlike some of our other free bingo specials, we won’t be offering any promos on buying the online bingo cards. This is because the cost of these cards is already very low. We think it’s a fair trade though, don’t you? So why not get a stash of cards and see how you go.

An Easter Bingo Tourney every weekend

This April our Easter Bingo Tourney is in full swing. Throughout the month the Tourney will be operating from April 3rd through to April 26th with play taking place between Fridays and Sundays. If you want to join, head on over to the Spring Bingo Room for four weekends of bingo fun.

It’s an impressive deal we’ve got going for you as there’s a prize pool of $2,500 up for grabs each weekend. That’s right, there’s a total of $10,000 up for grabs this April. The top 20 players each week will get their hands on these prizes, with the winner walking away with $1,250 cash!

Ranking Prizes Balance
1st Place $1,250 Cash
2nd Place $600 Free Play Bonus
3rd Place $250 Free Play Bonus
4th Place $125 Free Play Bonus
5th Place $75 Free Play Bonus
6th – 10th $25 Free Play Bonus
11th – 15th $10 Free Play Bonus
16th – 20th $5 Free Play Bonus

The tournament will begin each week at 12:01AM EDT on Monday and end at 11:59PM EDT on Thursday. You need to play the listed slot games within this time frame otherwise your spins will not be counted towards the tourney, and you won’t win any of the prizes.

If you’re angling for that win, all you need is one spin to win it! That’s right, this tourney is based on the best equalized win over 1 spin!