Banking Deposit Options at Bingo Fest in 2021

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One of the most critical aspects of a successful online casino is its ability to take a variety of deposit methods and process payouts in several formats. Bingo Fest has taken care to simplify the deposit and redemption processes for members.

The site features a very handy FAQ page that details all about deposits and payouts. Below are some highlights.

Visa and MasterCard Welcome

There are only two credit cards are accepted for deposits at Bingo Fest, VISA and MasterCard. Bingo Fest will accept MasterCard and VISA debit cards provided that these cards have a three-digit CVV2 (security code) number at the back of the card.

Depositing is Simple

Making a deposit via credit card is easy and fast. First, a player must click on the “Cashier” button and then select “Deposit.”

In the blanks provided, a player must enter the amount he or she wishes to deposit, any applicable bonus code and click “Add Funds.” Next, the player must complete the “Card Registration and Payment Form” and click “Continue.”

The next screen will confirm to the player that the credit card transaction was successful, and furnish a unique transaction ID for the player’s records. Funds are applied to a player’s Bingo Fest account within 1 to 2 minutes.

Learn about Max and Minimums

Multiple deposits of any amount are permitted up to a player’s status limit, and there is no limit on the number of credit cards a player may register.

Monet transfer is another deposit method, and is available for purchase as well as redeemable at the Bingo Fest website.

The minimum purchase for these cards is for $25, and the maximum will be dictated by a player’s status level. Players may make up to 3 purchases per day, and up to 5 purchases per week.

Try My Voucher

My Voucher, another prepaid option for loading a player’s account balance, is accepted at Bingo Fest and works like cash. Coupons/Vouchers are an ultra-safe online payment method.

Rather than use his or her own credit card and be exposed to risk, a player can buy or create own vouchers (coupons) to pay participating merchants.

To add funds into an account at Bingo Fest, a player must simply create a voucher for the desired value, and redeem it as payment. Full details and a how-to primer are available at the Bingo Fest website.