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Amigo Bingo Review
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Amigo Bingo is a bingo site that is aimed at bingo players who want to enjoy a friendly atmosphere, have plenty of games to choose from and who want to get bonus action.

Amigo Bingo is Raking in Members In 2001

You might not have heard of Amigo Bingo yet as it is one of the new bingo sites to play in 2001, but it has a lot to offer.

Like many bingo websites players can play various sessions of online bingo and enjoy video poker, instant games, table games, slots and super slots and progressive jackpots in between games.

Play Popular 75 Ball and 90- Ball Bingo Games

The bingo games available on the site are split into two sections – 75 ball games and 90 ball games and within these sections there are different types of games. 90 ball bingo is the traditional version of the game and this will be played for one line, two lines on the same card and a full house.

The 75 ball game is slightly different as it is played on a grid of 5 x 5 numbers, which means you can play for patterns of numbers. Many players will opt to play both versions of the game where as others have a particular favorite that they will stick to.

Get in on Loyalty Point Promotional Offers

In addition to these games you can team up with friends and play team bingo. During these games you will collect points for every game that is won and at the end of a set period the team with the highest number of wins will get a share of a top prize of 1,000,000 LPs.

LPs are Loyalty Points and players can swap these for cash that can be used to purchase additional bingo tickets with.

You can also earn extra points for being a loyal player and for referring a friend who becomes a depositing player on the site. It really is that easy to increase your cash.

Claim Your Welcome Bonus Deposit at Amigo Bingo

Another way to get more money is the 1000% welcome bonus which will reward you for making a deposit of $10 to $200 on your very first deposit on the site. From then on all subsequent deposits will earn you bonus cash at a rate of 400%.