$100,000 September Sloth -cation. What’s your ideal summer vacation?

Canadian Dollar Bingo Review
600% bonus and $50 free no deposit

Stay cool, relax, friends, fun, bingo? Canadian Dollar Bingo have it, and a whole lot more!

Starting this September, slow down, and take a “sloth-cation” with us instead, enjoy a well-deserved stress-free new bingo time, and make the most out of summer from home. Take it easy and play for a chance to win OVER $100,000 in GUARANTEED CASH and lots of EXTRA PRIZES that will make you go ahhhhh.

Come hang out in the free bingo rooms, have fun conversations and play exciting themed games throughout the day for incredible jackpots – Trees, Hibiscus Flower, Moon, Cocktails. you name it. But wait, it gets better!

All games carry a 3TG, 2TG, 1TG EXTRA PRIZE and AMAZING SLOTHY % JACKPOTS that will keep climbing the more players join in the games, allowing the pot to grow slow and steady as big as the number of players who are trying to win it… there are no limits on how high the jackpots can get.

Weekly prizes anyone? At the end of each contest week, we´ll put all participants in a magic hat and randomly select 5 winner (s) or credit the top 5 roomies with most ranking points depending on the week. Remember, the more entries you collect, the more chances you have to win it.

  1.  st prize $250 BBs + 250% Extra Bonus
  2. nd prize $150 BBs + 150% Extra Bonus
  3. rd prize $50 BBs + Team Bingo Entry
  4. th & 5th prize $25 BBs + Team Bingo Entry

Card prizes range between 25c-$1, with fantastic jackpots of up to $1,000+ CA$H, all games have a ‘Buy 30 tickets Get 5 Free’ price offer to help you win. Ready to get started?

5,000 Online Shopping Spree Grand Prize! (4x $1250 CASH)

As if that wasn’t enough, on October 5th we will raffle off $5,000 in CASH Online Shopping Sprees among everyone participating in our contest.

What does a $1,250 Shopping Spree get you? A lot! Dream BIG … and let us make that dream come true! Our $150,000 contest starts this September 1st, 2020!

Extra tickets will be given away among all players that deposited within the present contest week, active players on Facebook and/or chat! Follow us on Facebook to learn more details.